Work hard and work smart

I heard from few bosses that if their managers and teams stay late at work daily is a good sign. The company wants productivity and result. Thus, this demand builds a culture in the company to slowdown the process so that the workers can take their sweet time to complete the task at night. Most of the worker who are ready to stay back are those “money seeker” , while some others who want quality life would resign and look for jobs else where. What is happening? The company will nurture a group of low performer who just can’t work with speed.


On the other hand, +a company that encourages “efficiency” and “productivity” without overtime would train the workers to be responsible on timeline productivity. If the work load is high, they will learn to plan and delegate so that they job can still be completed without overtime. The culture of working becomes aggressive and fast. Thus, the worker who can’t enjoy overtime paid would resign and seek employment elsewhere.


Success in an organization is not always working hard. Dragging a job to extra hours is just a symptom of “Showing” the boss that I am working hard. The result of such working habit will give rise to unhealthy lifestyle which resulted in various ailments upon retirement. Statistic has shown that many companies with “unhealthy” working habit of staying extra hours everyday would contribute to the “rising of medical bill” which in return will make the company suffer.


Success in life is the ability to gain wholesomeness in all area of life. You can be “Praised” by the management for staying back late at night, you can also be cursed by your children and spouse for not caring about family wellbeing. The choice is yours. Yes, balancing is everything. You have to understand that you need time to go for sports, socializing and spiritual commitment; so that you can gain more “energy” and “fitness” to work for the company.


I have seen company which “stress” their salesman who can’t produce result with mid might struggle. All the salesperson come to the office with the sign of exhaustion and moody the second day. For sure, they would not be able to carry out their sales activities with enthusiasm.

Wisdom for sharing

Working hard with overtime is a good sign for career success but it might not benefit us in the long run when your start having all sorts of “health problems”.


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Author: Dr.Yew

Dr.Yew is a professional speaker.