Why self help books does not really helps?

You can see various types of self help books at book stores. Many people like to purchase and read when they are free. Yet, why only hands few are really achieve extra ordinary success? Can self help books lead you towards greatness? This is a vital question which is important to those who are serious about success.

I discover that many of those who purchase self help books would rather keep the books for leisure reading. They are not a serious in apply what they learn. They look for fun and stories that motivate their soul and emotion. Not many can really go from page to page and complete the books.  None can really repeat the self help book for ten times and above. Well, if the self help books really good stuff, most of the learner will miss surely miss it.

 In order to gain the maximum benefit from self help books, you need to seek for success principles which are underlined between the stories and case study. Hot selling self help books normally contain lots of illustration and examples. As a reader, you will find that most of the illustration is ‘case sensitive”. They do not application in all situation and they do not resemble the complete “success wisdom”. What you need to do is to segregate the points and link with others success wisdom which can give meaning to your life. Failure to do this, you would find that those examples is just another “knowledge” which does not play a part in your future success.

 Let look into this example: Ali and Abu are competing among each other to be a champion in sport. Ali spend all his time to study and develop the skills needed while Abu love to wondering around and enjoy life. After few years, Ali becomes the champion and Abu fail in the qualifier round. Well, we can admire Ali for his success. But, Ali might miss out some other elements of success principles which required him to build a holistic life. He might miss his family reunion; he might neglect his religion etc.

 Always learn to organize your success principles more than just emulate the success stories of somebody. Nobody is perfect in the success ventures, but you can always learn something from everyone. Never put a full stop and say “this is everything about success”. Blend as many success principles that you can discovered from every books and make it work for you.

 Success wisdom

When you become a seeker of “success principles”, you will learn more efficiently from all self help books. Avoid from just seeking for “fun’ and “stories”. When reading a self help book, it is not so much of “enjoying” the book, but more on “benefiting from the book”. When you have a right mental attitude, every self help book will surely give you some insight about success principles which you can use it for your personal and career success.


Abang Yew

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Author: Dr.Yew

Dr.Yew is a professional speaker.