What is the Genome of Achiever

socratesYou need to discover your own Genome and not try “to seek success wisdom” outside, It is within yourself.      Socrates


There are tons of success formulas, until or unless you are ready personally , all these formula will surely add power to your success. Or else, all these valuable advice and principles will just be another “junk” in your life.

How to make yourself ready? This is the fundamental factors that you need to explore; so that you know that you are fit for success. When you know something is missing,  those powerful self help formula might not be working for you.

Get ready for success

The following Write up will give you the overview of your personal success ideas.

–         Most people love to swim with your most convenience goals, you want to do what is best adjusted action plan – you seems like never move out of certain pattern that you feel uncomfortable with. Learn to accept things that is beyond your personal comfort but important to your success. When you have lot of personal conflict , the faster you move towards your personal success.

–         You will deal with lot of personal / family challenges , which force you to settle others needs that fail to filled in your own needs. This mean, your are busy with other area of life which can be reduced / avoid if you don’t get yourself attach to them. All these nonsense really bog you down. You need lot of personal harmony and peace of mind to make life work for you. Avoid anything o thing that is not what you want. You look cruel, yet that is what we call focus, or else you will tend to focus on all and get nothing done.


–         You try to fill what others want from you and to get your immediate gain without understand that you should not go around and know what others can do for you. Nobody is keen to know your great mission. You have to start from zero and pay people to make it happen


–         When you plan and do what you want to do NOW, you bring a danger of setting priority. There are so many things that is more important to your 80% success, but you tend to focus on the 80% that bring 20% success. Delay whatever you can ,  Do when the time come. Never rush.

–         You forget that your personality and attitude will decide what type of success that suite you. Don’t try to think big when you know that you have not even set the level or right for it. Don’t be a horse when you know that you are a cow. Living to your personal standard is the criteria for a better breakthrough.

–         What is the best method of success for others might not be for you. Your career pattern and personal preferences need you to focus on area that is vital to your breakthrough. You need to learn how to discover your personal competency profiling


–         Learn to believe in life aura. Anything that trigger your negative aura is worst than working hard by force. You kill your smile, your enthusiasm etc. You need a power source at home to charge your life forward. Never get involve with things / events that make you lost your energy ( Too much of game, fun, pup etc ) You need to have strong discipline to guard your life (health , feeling)

–         You need to be cruel to people who are exploiting your life for their own objective but stuck your personal desire. These people seems only pay you peanut and you don’t even has the ability to earn a good life , what else to build financial strength for your future success.


–         Whatever books that you want to earn good result, you need to internalize and not just read for the sake of knowing/understanding. If you  are putting book in box or shelve, is better don’t even buy it. Seeking knowledge from books is not important, but discovery through your personal failure is more meaningful. Even though books might teach you to learn from master, nothing can work until you believe it through realization. Or else you just do (Force to / consciously ) and forget after a little while

–         Long term planning would not work until you do lot of daily and hourly plan. What you plan yesterday (For tomorrow ) might not be practical when the day come. Always knowing what is important to your goal , not just do for the sake of doing. you Most people do what they like most, but all these are not their success factors.

–         You must be able to focus all your time in one single destiny, Trying to please all master and hope you can get some great things done from those master would only make your mind shake and unstable. Learn to focus on yourself., You are the master, not anyone else. Even though others give you an opportunity to earn a good living, never take them as your life master. Ultimately, they only want to benefit from you

–         Knowing to hold your basic line, What is your worth and what you can serve (with the rewards given), don’t waste time doing all cheap things forever – your never grow and you never build value for your life. Learn to stop serving when sound (inhuman). If this world is all good human, there would be no such things as “business”

–         Stop attending and listen to all others models. You need to build your own model base on your believe system. What you spend lot of time copy others success, you forget that you miss out your own models. You tend to think on others model and see how to fit in your desire rather than building your own model and adjust it accordingly. Nothing that work for others can work for you (unless if you have lot of money and buy the whole company in  – franchise)

–         All great achievement must come with commitment. This mean that even you fail or rejected, you still hold on and make it. This type of resilient does not accept the fact that “failure is permanent”. You must believe that something does not work because you have not discover the right strategy, the right person or the right combination (situation, timing, place, benefit, personal relationship). Due to these factors, some of the great achievement can only reaching you after 20-30 years of personal fine tuning and complete your intermediate phase of achievement.

–         When you say no time/ no money , you can either delay your success or just take it out from your plan. Or else , you will become a person who achive nothing at the end of the year. Most people has a good plan , buy nothing get done at the end of the year. Why, they just can’t find time for it. Adjust yourself , do it at night, do it at midnight. But you must do it. When you want 100 minute, find ten days with 10 minute each. Learn to quote the time needed and commit reduce certain action that waste your time. Example window shopping, eat too slow, sleep too much – everything must has the time control

–         Don’t try to do everything yourself. You can use your time more worthy when you can pay someone to do it and get better result. Example, repairing computer is not your strength. Don’t try to do it and waste your time. Some personal chores can be avoided if it is not important to your life. You also be more careful , don’t waste time to recover your mistake / things you have missed. Example : lost key, lost purse etc etc

–         Focus on your family and relative. You don’t even need good friends because most of them only need you for their benefit. All these social network is just a business dealing. You decide who you want to deal with, not letting emotional factors to tie commitment with anyone.

–         The best success program is how to channel all the six area for your personal success. What you want and not just balance for the sake of balancing. In true life, you don’t even have to balance your life if you know that type of involvement does not contribute to what you want.

–         Always plan get your partner and people close to you to understand your commitment , so they won’t blame you when you fail to fulfill their needs (Psychology or financial). When you do not set your needs circle (time), others will start putting their need in the time and disturb your personal commitment. This will make your goal jumble up with lot of unexpected happening. Saying No is the best answer (With courtesy)


–         Learn to get the answer you want. Exerting others to help and support you does not always work. What is your reward for them? Or else, you become a burden to others. Explore your problem, seek and ask around. Get the information, make the visit and be able to pay for the service you want. Nothing is free. Learn to invest in your success. You tend to get more answer.


–         Reading “biography” is more worthwhile than reading stories or wisdom of success. Because not all wisdom can fit in your path, no wisdom is always right all the times.


–         When your venture get stuck, learn to work it back and reduce the expectation. Understand your limit and AOI, than charge again to build a bigger destiny. Don’t be easily influence by others to join them during the down time. You need to walk through “Fire” to build a greater legacy.


–         Some good advice from parent or people close to you can be poison. They just love you so much and don’t want you to taste the problems. When too many people are caring about you, your energy of taking risk will be reduced


–          Goal setting is only work when you know your short term (weekly, monthly and yearly goal), or else you just thinking in all the big mission that does not fit in the practicality of your life now. Example: you want to be the best public speaker, but you don’t event know how to breakdown the big goals in a series of small process. In other words , you are just reading books here and there, talking here and there, but end up with no clear platform for the world success.


–         Mental toughness is important to your personal success. You do not need to worry about how the world under value you etc, you just want to ensure that you are moving one step ahead towards the realization of your dream. Most people are bog down with depress when they face external humiliation, rejection and criticism. Understand that all these are part and parcel of your achievement. Without all these stress, you won’t be able to grow mentally and intellectually towards greater success.

By Cikgu Yew

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Author: Dr.Yew

Dr.Yew is a professional speaker.