Urgency and commitment – two major success factors

After years of coaching experience, I discover that people who are ready to pay a lump sum of money to well-known coaches would stand a better chance to achieve great success in life. On the other hand, those just wait to get free course and not ready to put in the money in their mouth of success would not benefit much from the program.


Well, the program can be the same; but why it gives different impact to different people. I found that those who pay for the program are going all out to ensure that they learn and use all what they learn. They make their learning as a daily commitment. While others who just wish for free learning would keep the material as another “stock” in their home library.


I personally have a chat with many successful people. They believe in the principles of “give and take”. For you to get something, you must give something. They don’t believe in free stuff. They don’t believe in easy way of getting something. With this mental attitude, they take every lesson seriously. They sacrifice their hobby and others commitment just to gain 100% learning capacity.


Sometimes, we wonder why great coaches always produce great coachee. Besides their talent and experience, they are actually attracting people with high commitment. This is because people who are serious about success are ready to pay HIGH coaching fees.


Disregard of who is your coach, if you are ready to give 100% in learning, you can even achieve success without coaches. Success is all about your commitment. How you manage your time and life is matter more than the few hours of coaching.


My experience shows that most of the free learners who come to me would stop the learning before they complete the lesson. Of course, there are few exceptional one who go all out and benefit from my session.


Success Wisdom from Abang Yew

Due to the week learning commitment shown by those who come to me with FREE learning packages, I seem not interested to spend too much time with them. I would rather spend time with people who have the right attitude about learning. As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. .


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Author: Dr.Yew

Dr.Yew is a professional speaker.