Tough decision in your success journey

When I talk to all the great people around me, I found that everyone has their “down” moment in life. They have been cheated, they have been committed with unwholesome acts that against the religious teaching, they too make mistake on road and got summon from traffic police. Well, every one encounter different mode of shame and mistakes. These great people has a common power phrase “So what, learn from it and move on.”

I found that some of the mistake is done base on consciousness of their wisdom. In fact, making a right decision is not always easy because there is no “perfect decision”. Here are few examples:

  • To drive fast or to be late at work
  • To have enough sleep or to wake up for your favorite football final
  • To keep a juvenile child at home or send him to the rehabilitation centre
  • To divorce with wife who have killed all your children or still maintain your good family relationship with her for life
  • To develop an international business this resulted in less time commitment for other area of life
  • To keep on trying to win your girl friend back even after she has engaged with another man

When life caught up in decision which seems difficult to choose, we call this “dilemma”. Unless you have a set of life values that drive you towards the decision, you will never make the decision and end up with more predicaments. Those who dare not to make any decision in life are “avoider” who seems “lost” and helpless.  On the other hand, making a decision might hurt someone or caught into a problem.  Only through a clear analysis of value judgment, you start to aware of your right and benefit; you also ready to sacrifices things that go against your mission even though it cost a lot to your personal integrity.

Think about the story of an old man who ride a donkey and his child walk with him. People start to comment that his child should ride the donkey and not him. After they change, someone say “the child should let the old man ride the donkey” Well, there is no perfect answer. We must understand who are fit for walking, analyze each situation base on needs and challenges and set our own values, not what others people’s value”


Success principles

When we walk through the life of uncertainty, we bound to meet with choices that are difficult to decide. Only when you have a clear value system, you will never get a right decision for every situation.


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Author: Dr.Yew

Dr.Yew is a professional speaker.