The power of Biogenic Model and your dream

Do you have a dream?

Most people will say yes. We want this, we want that..

Some people want to live long and some people want to climb the highest mountain in the world. Some want to accomplish their religious commitment by paying tribute to the  holy land, some want to become millionaire and live happily without financial struggle.

The next question is “When can you make it happen?”

According to the statistic, less than 20% of people who really make their written goals come true. Let us talk about yearly goal. Most people miss their yearly resolution with various excuses:

»       The external challenges is tough and we don’t have the resources yet

»       I don’t have the time yet. Too much problems happen and taking my precious time

Whatever reasons we give, the goal-postponing syndrome (GPS) will start to take place. Instead using the GPS to search and reach our destiny, here we use GPS to delay our project in hand. You can find that 80% of non-performers in any organization are actually finding intellectual excuses rather than saying:

“My attitude is not right

“My commitment is not good’ etc

Some even say, “Its okay for not making it, after all we don’t want to stress ourselves”

Whatever you say, and how we cover our weakness is totally right to you.

Imagine, we lost another year of our life. If this GPS keep happening, the whole life will be in vain and nothing achieved.

Than the sad story of life will covered with another statement “If I have a chance to be youthful, I will do my best”

The fact is, everything is too late now. You just can’t do anything when you are old.

Personally, I consider myself a motivated person. I have accomplished quite a lot of achievement when I was in the school. However, the GPS also strike me and delay some of my multi million project.  I totally feel “exhausted” and have no energy to move on. I do cover the project with various reasons and excuses. Until when I discover the aura amplification from my Biogenic dream CD. I jump from sleeping model and move on with “full power”

Yes, your mental inertia needs to be stimulated to action. Shouting and yelling in the motivation is not a true remedy. Goal writing and affirmation is also not a complete solution. Many people who delay their goals in life, not because they are ignorant and stubborn.

They can be a hardworking person, a good person; but why their dreams still sleeping

Biogenic Model gives you the solution. The reason is simple; your core desire has not been activated. In other words, your personal aspiration is still in sleeping mode.

Biogenic Model  gives you a key to activate your personal core desire. With this supreme desire, you will do whatever you want to accomplish without any excuses. If you don’t know how to do it, you will surely find the way. If you face obstacles, you will overcome it. If you fail, you will restart again. In other words, you become unstoppable in your mission.



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Author: Dr.Yew

Dr.Yew is a professional speaker.