The true success

I truly admire people who walk through fire and emerge as a winner. They never surrender and they want to excel despite all challenges and problems. I still remember a lady of fifty who have went through seven operations, taking ten types of medication every day and trapped with few critical illnesses. She spend all her saving on medical bills and caught up with family problems, financial problems, legal case. Yet, she still hold on to her life and say “It’s never end yet”. The triumph of standing up again despite all odds makes her a true winner in life.

In short, success is not always a quick fix which comes easily without problems and pains. You might make a wrong decision and fall in the trap of conflict and misshape, You might encounter with events which threaten your success which is out of your control. Others might say “you are problematic”, but in your heart you know very well that all these just another challenges in your success journey. In fact, when you discover the true meaning of your arrival in this world, you know you are here for a mission and you do not surrender your life even though you are in the ICU of life.

I have trained to laugh at problems and say “this is another fun in my life” With this mindset towards problems, failure, downfall and criticism from others, you become a strong person in life. You will ready to welcome the odds and still stand firm on your mission. Even though people start rejects you during the worst moment in your life, you know this is just a momentary process. Once the problems are over, you are standing high again as a testify hero. Your scars in life are turned to become diamond.

If you ever met with serious mistake and end up with “court case”, financially broken, divorce, lost your job, serious illness etc, don’t stop fighting for your destiny despite of whatever people say about you. Your true success is on the way. Your life power will be charged with supreme energy once you are ready to walk through the worst part of your life. This is the true meaning of motivation and grants you the best license to speak as a motivator.

I have met people who are seriously injured during accident with no arms , I have met people who have committed serious mistakes and crimes, I also have met millionaire who are at the stage of bankruptcy; they never surrender and they move on and on. Today, they become extra ordinary people who achieve great success in life.

Never look down people with problems. Never say “they are not fit for success. You will never know who they will become one day. Once they make it, they are the most suitable people to talk about “motivation”


Success principles

Great motivator are people who have struggle through hell and emerge as a winner. When you met someone with lot of life problems, and you know they still fight with all their might,  say to them “ you are the true motivator in my life”.

I develop a quote for all life fighter “fail and fall is the supreme fuel of life.” Abang Yew