Successful life style

When I ask those who want to be successful in life, “What type of successful lifestyle that you wish to have?”. Many of them would say “I want to have luxurious life with big car, big house and annual vacancy to few favorite places.” Too many people program their success lifestyle at the “end result” of their struggle. They thought that success is all about enjoyment and relaxation. Not many people can define successful lifestyle at the time they struggle through the challenges and enjoy every moment of it.  To me, successful lifestyle is how manage your day to day process with passion. You do not need to wait until the moment to earn the first million before you can enjoy your life.

Let us look into the life of a farmer. They walk through few months of sweating and hard works in the padi field but they enjoy every moment of it. They walk to the padi field while whistling and singing. They feel proud of their job because they could feel their noble service to the fellowman. During the few weeks of harvesting, they enjoy the financial rewards of their hard work. They can buy delicious food, they can invest in expensive items for their family and they can take few weeks breaks by resting at home. If they just focus the joy of success of these few weeks, they might forget the joy of expecting success when they ploughing the padi field for the last so many months.

To me, enjoy every moment of your success journey is more meaningful than the moment of rewarding.  Through out your success journey, you need to tune your resources, your plan, your strategy and your attitude towards the success you want. You might also need to work on your creativity, your commitment, your leadership, your fitness, your social skills , negotiation skills etc. All these process involve sacrifices, commitment and decision making. Without these qualities in your life, you would not be able to generate the success rewards at the end. In other words, the successful life started from the moment you work on your success, not the rewarding moment.

When I ask around those who enjoy luxurious life, I found that not all of them deserved to be called “successful life”. That rich man son who enjoys every penny from his father’s descendent without doing much about his own success would never regard successful. Those rich men who earn their first million through fraud and illegal process would never understand what the meaning of true success is. Their luxurious life can never become the branding of their success, but the symbol of their unwholesome acts.

Some so call luxurious people indulge themselves with all sorts of first class treatment and forget totally about their commitment and integrity. This will result with downfall of their own kingdom. In other words, the moment they start to forget about their success journey, the business will start going down. Luxurious life can be the source of failure if we don’t manage it properly.


Success principles

Never regard luxurious life as a symbol of success, but rather focus on the journey of getting the success. They more you apply the success principles in life, the more you earn the successful life style


Success is a Choice

A friend of mine told me, “He makes many mistake in life due to wrong judgment and decision”. He engages a wrong worker who has a bad Customer Service. As a result, he lost many good customers. He bought a wrong machine which was kept in the store for years. He was married to a wife who gives him lot of mental stress due to differences in handling family challenges. As a result, he made a decision to rebuild everything by “choosing” what he really wants. My big question “Why he made such choices at the first place?”

Well, success is all about choices and decision. Everyday and everywhere, we need to decide what to do and what to say. Every decision gives an impact to the life as a whole. The main factor that decides our choices is our values, interest and desire. Example, if we are looking for a wife who can help us in business, we will not look at beauty as main criteria. If we look for a charming lady as our wife, we will not look at characters and attitude so much. Most of the time, our major values in life make us blind towards others values which are also important to our life. This is the reason why we are trapped into a wrong decision which makes us “suffer” for life.

In order to have a right choice in life, can it be “career choice”, “life part”, “friends and associates” etc, we must be able to have an “Eagle Eyes” value judgment. We must not be tied up by certain benefit or interest that ends up with “blind decision”. We must be able to evaluate and analyze every aspect of our choice so that we are not regret later. In this aspect, you need to know exactly your mission, your resources, your competency and your strength. The more you know about yourself, the easier for you to make a decision. If you do not have a value system, you would be easily slipped to other values which might give problem to your life.

When you have master the success principles, your will be able to make a better decision in life. Even so, you are still open to wrong decision due to the changes of environment and individual. Nothing is permanent. Your good decision now might become a bad decision one day. In this manner, just face it with a smile and “choose again”.  Don’t worry if other people “blame” you for the mistake you made due to “wrong decision”.  In fact, everyone did make a wrong choice in life.


Success principles

When you have a strong value system in life, you would be able to avoid wrong partner, wrong career, wrong life partner, wrong food etc which give you problems in life.



Danger of being a “success collector”

 There are people who love to attain motivation seminar. They ceaselessly go for every seminar. They think that “motivation” is going to charge them towards greatness. They jotted down all motivation theories and share with friends. They also collect all sort of motivational books in their house. When you look at their life, nothing much has been attained. They are still struggling with all sorts of problems and difficulties. When I ask them “What have you done with all these success principles” in your life? They say “Yes, I did apply them”. Even though they do apply some principles into practice, but that just not enough? Success is the collection of all wisdom. If they fail to put all principles to work in life in a systematic and cohesive manner, true success will not become a reality. Many people do live up success principles in one way or another. They can be the strong believer of “optimism”, “positive thinking”, “Dare to dream”…. But they are not able to link and coordinate each of these principles in a comprehensive manner. In order to be a real achiever in life, understanding and knowing the success principles is just the beginning of your journey. You need to indulge in all the success principles and make them part of your life planning. Action is louder than voice. You prove to the world that you can be an achiever in your own field. When you become the real model of success, the success principles become the testimony of your life. In order to create your success, stop chasing seminar and books. Any how, all success books talk about goal awareness, dream realization, mindset programming, attitude development etc. Once you have the right success tools in hand, focus on the material and internalize the wisdom. Reading few pages and keep it on the book shelf can never help you to internalize the wisdom. You need to revise the wisdom again and again. You also need to rehearse the wisdom with daily action. In other words, you do not need to have too many “books” talking about the same things in different ways. Your best book is your daily life reflection. Once you encounter certain challenges, link the challenges with the success wisdom that you have learned. Analyze yourself in and out, make a commitment to improve yourself through personal review and reflection. You will discover that “more wisdom” emerge out from your inner thought. You become the generator of success wisdom rather than chasing success wisdom from seminar or books. Success wisdom Every one of us has certain level of success wisdom in our life. Through daily reflection, you are going to explore more of this untapped wisdom. Your personal encounter enables you to link yourself to the wisdom of the ages. When this is happening, you will discover that “success mindset is already part of your life”; just that we have not revealed it yet. Abangyew