Danger of being a “success collector”


There are people who love to attain motivation seminar. They ceaselessly go for every seminar. They think that “motivation” is going to charge them towards greatness. They jotted down all motivation theories and share with friends. They also collect all sort of motivational books in their house. When you look at their life, nothing much has been attained. They are still struggling with all sorts of problems and difficulties.


When I ask them “What have you done with all these success principles” in your life? They say “Yes, I did apply them”. Even though they do apply some principles into practice, but that just not enough? Success is the collection of all wisdom. If they fail to put all principles to work in life in a systematic and cohesive manner, true success will not become a reality. Many people do live up success principles in one way or another. They can be the strong believer of “optimism”, “positive thinking”, “Dare to dream”…. But they are not able to link and coordinate each of these principles in a comprehensive manner.


In order to be a real achiever in life, understanding and knowing the success principles is just the beginning of your journey. You need to indulge in all the success principles and make them part of your life planning. Action is louder than voice. You prove to the world that you can be an achiever in your own field. When you become the real model of success, the success principles become the testimony of your life.


In order to create your success, stop chasing seminar and books. Any how, all success books talk about goal awareness, dream realization, mindset programming, attitude development etc. Once you have the right success tools in hand, focus on the material and internalize the wisdom. Reading few pages and keep it on the book shelf can never help you to internalize the wisdom. You need to revise the wisdom again and again. You also need to rehearse the wisdom with daily action.


In other words, you do not need to have too many “books” talking about the same things in different ways. Your best book is your daily life reflection. Once you encounter certain challenges, link the challenges with the success wisdom that you have learned. Analyze yourself in and out, make a commitment to improve yourself through personal review and reflection. You will discover that “more wisdom” emerge out from your inner thought. You become the generator of success wisdom rather than chasing success wisdom from seminar or books.


Success wisdom

Every one of us has certain level of success wisdom in our life. Through daily reflection, you are going to explore more of this untapped wisdom. Your personal encounter enables you to link yourself to the wisdom of the ages. When this is happening, you will discover that “success mindset is already part of your life”; just that we have not revealed it yet.