Success Motivation : why some people don’t like motivation

To be successful, we need to have motivation. Many motivator put motivation as the first requisite of success. I do agree that “motivation’ is the first power that drives a person towards action.  But without a clear picture of what you really want in life, motivation can be just liken to a stormy wind which does not yield any positive results. Many of my friends comment that they are leaving the motivation seminar with great excitement BUT just don’t know how to make it happen. In fact, they need to equip themselves with “planning” and “goal setting” before they go for motivation seminar.

In Biogenic Coaching, personal mission and personal planning are the first two requisites of success before we inject motivation to their life. By knowing your Core desire, you will be able to charter your motivation with “focus energy”. You won’t just get excited for nothing. You develop a clear mental picture of your dreams which you blend them motivation power.

Success motivation is the process of linking your mission with personal power. This process also called “productive motivation”. You don’t want to be positive for nothing, you want to get result and achieve what you want. I discover the system of personal excellent called 3M Model (Mission, Management, and Motivation) which become the fundamental of all success formula.

First : Mission blueprint

Practice the mental video and rejuvenate your life with supreme desire using mental simulation technique

Second : Managing your plan of action

Manage and execute the goal setting with full attention to the SMART principles

Third : Motivation empowerment

Develop personal motivation with positive expectation, commitment and discipline.


Clear enough, motivation is the supporting criteria for your mission and planning, it is NOT EVERYTHING in success journey. Without a mission and constructive planning, motivation is not going to give you any benefit.  Most people put motivation as the first criteria and end up with “no practical successes in their life.  Beware of the “empty motivation” which sound great but “useless’. Due to this factor, many people has a negative mindset about motivation; they think that motivation is just a waste of time because it can’t generate the result they want.


Success principles

When you have a success motivation which encompass your true mission blueprint and planning strategies, you will be able to live up the motivation power in a constructive manner.


What others say about your success is not matter so much

Every one has their own measurement of success. Some people think that success is attaining your first million dollar asset. Some people look at financial success against the benchmark of the industrial player. Some look at financial success by comparison with his family members’ income. Whatever your value and perception is always right upon you. Don’t ever measure your success with the definition of others. In fact, your satisfaction and your attainment is unique upon your personal justification.

Sometimes ago, I met with a man who came from a broken family, with no saving, no formal education, no friends and no skills. Every time he earns a few hundred ringgits, he feels so grateful. To him, the success of gaining that few hundred ringgits is not an easy task compare to those who have high education, social networks and good background. In other words, the process of achieving your personal goals in life is your own measurement of success.

Let us look into the success of those who gains international recognition despite of rejection from his family members. Some devote themselves in religious commitment and able to bring “happiness” and “peace” to thousand of people. Even though they might be living in scarcity , but they are happy and contented. His family members who do not believe and understand as what he thinks might say “ he is a fool”. Ultimately, the world cherish his name in the history as legacy. There are many religious leaders who shine his name for thousand of years upon their commitment to the journey of truth seeking.

Success is always a personal matter. The most important aspect in your success is the measurement you want to give to yourself. Ask yourself, what is really important to you and what is your success Kpi. Check your action plan against all these success elements. Don’t ever judge your success base on what others feel about you. You are the only one who has the “right” to measure your own success in life.

I ever know few great people who shine his name in the Olympic, they do have their weakness and problems which become “black dots” in their life. So as some well-known figure in the world, some of them are caught in court case, divorce etc. Even so, they successfully attain the ultimate goal in his life as a Olympic Champion, the best artist , the best singer or the richest man in the country.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not here to promote problems and tragedies. What I want to say is that “success “ can never perfect. Along the path, you might make a mistake, hurt someone or get along with wrong associates. What ever happen, are you moving on to get what you really want in life? If  the answer is yes, you already become a successful person despite of whatever happen around you now.


Success principles

Success measurement is always benchmark against your current status and challenges. In the pursuit of   excellent, your ability to attain something difficult to you is your success; even though these attainment consider “easy” to other people. Your own satisfaction is the best measurement of your success.