Success is a habit

I met a good friend of mine who complaint that the company he works with never appreciate his effort. He remains as a general worker for the pass 25 years. Due to his long service record with the same company, he knows A to Z of the operations in his department. In fact, with his talent and experience, he can take over the leadership task any time without question. One day, his supervisor tender for his early retirement. My friend was given a chance to take over the task and he able to do everything. He operate the computer and generate report, handling customer complaints , solving problems etc. I thought he could be happy with the new challenges. But to my surprise, he tender for his resignation two months later.

When I explore the reason behind his resignation, I found that he could not take the STRESSFUL job with no salary increment. Even though his immediate boss did promise to rank him as a new designation after three months, my good friend just cannot take the three month challenge. He always thinks back the pass moment in life with “no stress”. He feels the new burden on him is not fair to him.

Personally, I feel that success is not so much of “chances” but how you react to the chances. When we still carry on our “old mindset” and unable to take the challenge of a new environment, we will tend to hold back our advancement in life. The second reason is due to the mental limitation. He just can’t stretch his mind and embrace a tougher and difficult challenge.

Overall, many people who fail to march towards his life advancement is the victim of his life pattern and mindset. When you are able to release yourself from the old habit, you will surely be able to embrace your success happily.


Success principles

When you have an opportunity, go all out and do your best. Sacrifice your time, money and effort before you deserve to get the best from the opportunity, or else, the best opportunity also with slip away from you. Let go the negative mindset that resist the challenges in your life.