Success mentality

$Many people are blinded with the greatness of successful individuals, because they cannot see the “painful” experience and set back in their life. In fact, the more successful a person is, the more he encounter with failure and defeat. People with such mentality tend to neglect one of the success principles that say “Failure is part of success”.

Success mentality always comes with the ability to absorb downfall and failures in life. When the worst incident strikes us, we need to learn how to go through the process and keep our mind on our mission. We also need to learn how to make decision to continue or to rework the problems using our value system. When we walk through the worst, we will be able to discover many “secret” that further lead us to a more fulfilling life. Sadly to say, this secret is the painful exchange with the downfall that he has encountered but the value behind is tremendous.

Sometimes ago, a friend of mind was asked to solve a business problem at the Customer office during his probation period. After few trips or negotiation, he comes back with “bad news” that he can’t resolve the problem in hand. Due to this failure, he was asked to leave the company before he even completes the probation. Few years later, I got good news from him. He actually gets married with a charming girl that he visited at the Customer office.  Well, good things do not always come to us in a straight line. After few years, we start to aware that many of the bad incident in life is actually giving us “goodness”, “wisdom”, “Success” and “satisfaction”. If we don’t have the worst, we would not deserve all the success achievements. This is why many successful people say “Everything happen for a good reason”.

In fact, successful people have the mentality to absorb the worst life process without losing focus.  They know that there are no such things as perfect success in this world. In the process, you might make a mistake, say wrong things, rejected by someone or even lost everything in life. These are so call “Black dots” in life is actually a test of the Al Mighty God on your perseverance to go for what you want. If you sustain your effort and keep on working on your mission without losing focus, you will gain “extra ordinary” result in life. You will start to enjoy “wealth” and “popularity” which is not your right at the first place. Just because you have a ability to survive through the journey of torture and misfortune, you rip the rewards from GOD as a special gift.


Success principles

The hardcore test that happen to those who has mission in life is actually a sign of “greater success”. There is a saying in Chinese, God only give the right of great success to those who has the ability to walk through the test of sincerity.




Success philosophy is easy, but not easy to live up

When I started to share the success principles to my friends since 1992, many people give their feedback that success is so easy. They even told me that they don’t need to learn from me.

“Your sharing is so basic.”

After so many years, I found that all the “high fliers” in life believe in the basic. Success is actually a very simple life philosophy encompass daily planning, vision development, value judgement  etc . Yet, why these simple success principles only “germinated” into great achievement on few people, whiles others who know about it just can’t reap what they want?


The study of human success is always a topic that triggers my reflection on my personal life. It is almost my “life searching mission” to know “why some people who apply success principles and get nothing out of it”


I discover that most of the students who join my seminar do not really change much, even though they said they learn something from me. They are good students, they follow instruction and they enjoy my seminar. I found that, it is not so much of what you know, but how you use what you know that matter.


After so many years in training and seminar industrial, I started to feel that I need to do something more than just “seminar”. This bring me to a new mission in life, to set up a new trend of “personal coaching” base on inner transformation. In my mission, practicality  of what you learn is more important than “what you have learned”. Students need to transform every principle towards his success using day to day “action tools”. This drive me to work out a series of coaching system using Biogenic Model.


Many books talk and share about success principles. Yes, they tell us how to apply the process but they don’t personalize the process to different student base on their needs and inner block. The knowledge stay at the “know how” with out true application for different folks. As a result, they still feel unable to grasp the true message of the application. Example is everything. We need to come out with a role play for each process and clearly put it down in writing. This is the most crucial part of succession coaching that most coaches just don’t do it. They feel that the students should work out their own process. The role play become “unprofessional” and “unpractical” in nature.


What I just mention is indeed a missing link in today “learning environment”. Too much of knowledge base on know how, but not much of guidance in the true process. I still remember A GREAT TRAINER explain all the selling skills and strategies with profound know how. But when it comes to the role play, he let others do it and just comment on it. He personally not even dare to steps in to take the challenges of role play, afraid that he might be commented by participants. The sad thing is, students want the real stuff. They even want the trainer to step to the sales field and demonstrate what has been taught. Yes, manages and leaders today is too complacent with just commenting and criticizing the team without really step into the process and feel the challenges.

It is time for us to stand up and change the whole learning process. We want “result base” learning, not just knowledge and theories.


Learning point

You can become a great learner when you are able to transform the knowledge you’re your personal masterpiece through customizing the success principles with your life values and mission.