The danger of saying “I know”


Most of the people who fail to get what they want would rather “slow down” and “keep to basic” rather than trying all out to make it happen. They put a reverse gear in their life and they have the fear of “commit” to something that they can’t do. In short, they surrender to fast without knowing that there are tools and people who can help him to get what he wants.


One of the reasons is that they “think” they have try all what is possible of doing. They also “think” that they have learned everything about his success. Thus, they have a tendency to reject whatever guidance and support that may be rendered upon them. They thought that they are the master in his industrial and he has walk through all the up and down in life. The ego inside him make him “a full cup of water” and not ready for any input, especially people who do not know anything about his expertise.


This is a pitfall of success.  They thought only “Master of his industrial” can only help them. They do not aware that “simple ideas” from people who is not in his field would be able to open up his “mental brake”. The following case study might be helpful to you.


During the Board Of Directors of a toothpaste company marketing meeting, they brainstorm and discuss on how to improve their market share. They talk about packaging, customer service, pricing, marketing strategy, promotional tools ect. After few days of brainstorming and discussion, a tea lady say to them, “I have been here listening to all your wonderful ideas; can I also contribute my idea?” One the directors look at her and say “Don’t waste your time, you are not an expert in this business.” Anyhow, another director says “Why don’t give her a chance”. The tea lady than say “Well, you can make the toothpaste opener a little bigger, than the user will use more. If you double the size, the market will surely double too”. All the directors are amazed by the ideas. In fact, this is the number one formula that is being executed after the marketing meeting.


Your mentor and your coach might not be the expertise in your field, but they are able to lead you to think “out of your box” You will soon discover that one simple idea will give you a million dollar value in return.


Open up yourself. Don’t ever look down at ideas from strangers, from people who are not as wealthy as you, from people who are outclass or people you do not like. They might change your life and give you the next Million Dollar success.


Success wisdom

People who are expert in certain field can be easily locked up by certain career pattern and they fail to think “out of the box”. Sometimes, talking to people who are not in his line might be able to give a different insight about what he has been doing so far.

Are you ready for success?


When I ask many of my friends, are you ready for great success? The answer they give to me is “Yes, I am ready”. But, when you ask them “What have you done so far on the success matter?” Most of them would say “Not much” Than, I ask them, “What you would do in the next one year than?” Sadly to say, most of them are not having a clear blueprint for their future success.


What is the missing link between you and your success? The answer is definitely “plan” and “Action”. If in the past so many years, nothing has been done and many things are postponed, it is clearly show that “your planning and action are in trouble”

You might have put them into the diary. You might wake up every morning with the desire to do your best. But just motivation and writing down on diary are not enough. You need to have right planning skills and treat every dream as your life project. You need to manage the project with excitement.


Most people would say. I have done everything to get what I want, but just that it does not work. Do you ever study what you have done, how you do it ? and Is it right and proper? You can be pretty busy with day to day action and get nothing out of it. You are committed, but it is not enough.


Success is a system of principles that link one to another. Any misshape of any principles would make your dreams stagnant. Many people think that they have known everything about success but yet fail to get what they want. When they refer to the success system, they found that few of the major principles are still not being applied in their life. They will also discover that those principles are so easy. Failure to live up any of the principles would mean “failure” and “disappointment”


When you read motivational books, you find that success principles are so simple. It can be  “thinking big”, “Don’t procrastinate” “Love what you do” etc. But putting all of them together in a masterpiece is not an easy task. You need to have a system to guide you and make them part of your daily endeavor.


Due to this shortcoming in success venture, I made an effort to compile all the success principles that is important to our future success. I name it “Biogenic Life Success System”. It encompasses all the philosophy and principles of success through the ages. I believe you will start to taste and experience this miraculous system and take it as part of your future success tools.


Success wisdom

If you wish to discover the power of “success”, don’t just apply few principles and say it does not work. Put them all together and live them up as a “master blueprint” for your life, you will start to understand why “ success principles are simple but difficult to live up.”

The danger of saying “yes, it’s OK”


Some people think that “saying yes” “I am fine” is a sign of positive attitude. When we know something is not right, acknowledge it and don’t cover it. Your truthfulness of revealing the problems would enable you to seek help and support before it is too late for remedy.


For example, when you know that your car is having battery problem. Don’t say, it’s OK. What happen if your car breakdown halfway? You would trouble your family members. Your appointment would be canceled.


In our success journey, we need to learn about “problem solving”. First, we must admit that we have a problem to solve. Spend time on problems might be stressful and painstaking, but it is the price for a “sweet success” The more positive you are, the more problems you are going to resolve. Don’t run away from problems. Don’t cover the problems and don’t ever say “I am OK’


Spend few minutes a day for personal review. Think of those problems that “make you problematic”. Ask yourself sincerely, why you still not able to attain your goals in life. Why people don’t like you. Why you don’t have time for sport, for family etc. The more you resolve these problems, the higher your success will be.


A person who want to attain “great” dreams in life will always having more problems than those who just want to live a normal life. For example, an MDRT producer in insurance surely has more challenges and problems than normal insurance agent. The top officers in any company definitely have more problems that the junior staff. In this aspects, saying and expressing “I have a problem” is indeed a good sign. It is the starting journey towards “change” and improvement. As the saying goes, the change is to improve. If you have no problems, no obstacles and no challenges, you might don’t see the changes in you.


Don’t always say “I am OK” all the times. As far as your dreams still in stumble with all sort of challenges, you need to say “I am not OK yet”  Most motivator who train their participants to shout, I am great, I am happy, I am positive is just to supply the participants with more “power” to go through challenges and problems. Most people feel so good about the seminar and do nothing to “explore their problems.” They actually was mislead by the motivator, that they are actually OK. This is the first confusion most people have when they attend “motivational seminar”. After few weeks, the problems keep accumulating and they start to feel “down” again.


A good personal development program is able to build a balance between positive thinking and problematic thinking. Positive thinking is to build your self esteem while problematic thinking is to activate your awareness towards better life solutions and help you to overcome all those problems.


Success Wisdom

Positive thinking is not to neglect your problems. You need to know that, problems are good for success. How you handle them and how you manage them is important. When you become so positive that “everything is all right” you will become a man with more problems.