Success is a Choice

A friend of mine told me, “He makes many mistake in life due to wrong judgment and decision”. He engages a wrong worker who has a bad Customer Service. As a result, he lost many good customers. He bought a wrong machine which was kept in the store for years. He was married to a wife who gives him lot of mental stress due to differences in handling family challenges. As a result, he made a decision to rebuild everything by “choosing” what he really wants. My big question “Why he made such choices at the first place?”

Well, success is all about choices and decision. Everyday and everywhere, we need to decide what to do and what to say. Every decision gives an impact to the life as a whole. The main factor that decides our choices is our values, interest and desire. Example, if we are looking for a wife who can help us in business, we will not look at beauty as main criteria. If we look for a charming lady as our wife, we will not look at characters and attitude so much. Most of the time, our major values in life make us blind towards others values which are also important to our life. This is the reason why we are trapped into a wrong decision which makes us “suffer” for life.

In order to have a right choice in life, can it be “career choice”, “life part”, “friends and associates” etc, we must be able to have an “Eagle Eyes” value judgment. We must not be tied up by certain benefit or interest that ends up with “blind decision”. We must be able to evaluate and analyze every aspect of our choice so that we are not regret later. In this aspect, you need to know exactly your mission, your resources, your competency and your strength. The more you know about yourself, the easier for you to make a decision. If you do not have a value system, you would be easily slipped to other values which might give problem to your life.

When you have master the success principles, your will be able to make a better decision in life. Even so, you are still open to wrong decision due to the changes of environment and individual. Nothing is permanent. Your good decision now might become a bad decision one day. In this manner, just face it with a smile and “choose again”.  Don’t worry if other people “blame” you for the mistake you made due to “wrong decision”.  In fact, everyone did make a wrong choice in life.


Success principles

When you have a strong value system in life, you would be able to avoid wrong partner, wrong career, wrong life partner, wrong food etc which give you problems in life.