Success resistant

Some times ago, I met with a man who has a desire to double his income in two years time. When I met him, I start to analyze some of the problems and challenges that he has to overcome before he qualifies for a better income. He sound like very positive and reject all the suggestion that I offer to him. He feels uneasy when people talk about his weakness, his challenges and problems. To him, he just wants to be positive and don’t waste time on problems that still troubling him.  Two years later, this so called “positive person” still fails to achieve his goal.

In fact, goal setting is a process which involves handling obstacles and adversity. I have a phrase for GOAL – GO FOR IT AND OVERCOME OBSTACLES, ADVERSITY OR LACKING OF RESOURCES.

Generally, there are three ways to handle obstacles and adversities in life.

No 1. If the obstacles are stopping your mission, you need to mark it as your key performance indicators and start looking for practical solutions. Some of the obstacles do not have other option; you have to get through it with all means. For example, if your obstacles of setting your new business are because you do not dare to resign from your current job, than you must be bold to overcome your fear of failure.

No 2 . If the obstacle is important to your success and carry much weight in your personal mission, you have a choice to let it go or replace it with another option. For example, you want to go to KL by bus, but you have no money in your pocket. You can always walk to KL or seeking for help from someone you know.

No 3. If the obstacles are involving some professional skills and knowledge and you don’t want to waste your time of securing it, you can always paid someone to do it for you.

Since obstacles are part of your success journey, you have to take it boldly and face it with positive mind. Don’t ever think that indulging in problems, rework your negative mindset and handling adversity is a waste of time or effort. Ultimately, if we fail to achieve our goals in life just because we fail to manage the obstacles and adversity, than we become the victim of our own problems and weakness.


Success principles

Change your obstacles and adversity to be goals in life. The more you work on these goals, the easier for you to reach your destiny.



Success behavior

I discover that some people become successful quite easily compare to others. They seem to attract all the luck and fortune to his life without much challenge.  While some other people trying hard with lot of sacrifice, but still cannot get the result that he aspire. When we ask those successful people, “what have you done so far?” You will be surprised that they just do simple things which you and I are doing.  In fact, you might do better than them, yet you don’t get the result as good as them. The question is “What stops you from achieving your success in life?” The answer is “Success behavior”.

Some time ago, a good friend of mine is having a good business idea.  He starts sharing his idea with his good friend and seeks for advice. After few years, he manages to get support from a prominent business man and start venturing into his business. While I also have another good friend who is having great idea but the idea still remain dormant after ten years. When I communicate with these two persons, I find that the first friend has many unique behaviors that lead him towards success. He is friendly and ready to click with everyone, he has a giver heart and he want to share his knowledge and wisdom, he is also open to new ideas and ready to accept better suggestion.

Good ideas and knowledge is not everything in success. To make it happen, you need to get support and help from others. If your behavior is wholesome, you would be able to do it much easier than others. In fact, your behavior and character are the fundamental of LUCK.


Success principles

Always analyze your behavior before you blame others for not able to work with you to achieve what you want in life.