Why self help books does not really helps?

You can see various types of self help books at book stores. Many people like to purchase and read when they are free. Yet, why only hands few are really achieve extra ordinary success? Can self help books lead you towards greatness? This is a vital question which is important to those who are serious about success.

I discover that many of those who purchase self help books would rather keep the books for leisure reading. They are not a serious in apply what they learn. They look for fun and stories that motivate their soul and emotion. Not many can really go from page to page and complete the books.  None can really repeat the self help book for ten times and above. Well, if the self help books really good stuff, most of the learner will miss surely miss it.

 In order to gain the maximum benefit from self help books, you need to seek for success principles which are underlined between the stories and case study. Hot selling self help books normally contain lots of illustration and examples. As a reader, you will find that most of the illustration is ‘case sensitive”. They do not application in all situation and they do not resemble the complete “success wisdom”. What you need to do is to segregate the points and link with others success wisdom which can give meaning to your life. Failure to do this, you would find that those examples is just another “knowledge” which does not play a part in your future success.

 Let look into this example: Ali and Abu are competing among each other to be a champion in sport. Ali spend all his time to study and develop the skills needed while Abu love to wondering around and enjoy life. After few years, Ali becomes the champion and Abu fail in the qualifier round. Well, we can admire Ali for his success. But, Ali might miss out some other elements of success principles which required him to build a holistic life. He might miss his family reunion; he might neglect his religion etc.

 Always learn to organize your success principles more than just emulate the success stories of somebody. Nobody is perfect in the success ventures, but you can always learn something from everyone. Never put a full stop and say “this is everything about success”. Blend as many success principles that you can discovered from every books and make it work for you.

 Success wisdom

When you become a seeker of “success principles”, you will learn more efficiently from all self help books. Avoid from just seeking for “fun’ and “stories”. When reading a self help book, it is not so much of “enjoying” the book, but more on “benefiting from the book”. When you have a right mental attitude, every self help book will surely give you some insight about success principles which you can use it for your personal and career success.


Abang Yew

Are you preparing for success?

So many people talk about success, but not every one achieves great success in life. Just look around, many people are still struggle with their basic life necessities. You may ask? Why the world is so unfair to them?  Why out of hundred people, only few can attain the wealthy life with luxurious living style.


Now, BCR has the answer for you. Through years of study on success, we found that all these great achievers are founded their live on “success principles’. On the other hand, those who struggle through life with little achievements are those who miss out the success principles in there life. In other words, only those who master and live up the success principles are deserve to live a happy, wealthy and abundance life.


If you ask people around you: “How do you feel about your personal success in life?”

You will be surprise with the answer they give to you. Many people fail to define the true meaning of success. Most people define success from certain view points. Well, you can be rich, but how about your fitness and health? You can be socially success, but how about your family? You can be a highly educated person, but how about your attitude and characters?


In BCR, success is achieving greatness in all area of your life through a process of self actualization. Some people are born with a silver spoon. They never experience the true process of self actualization to get what they really want in life. There are also people who gain their wealth through 4D or gambling, they get money through luck. How about you? Are you expecting greatness come to you easily without actualizing your potential and talent? Well, your answer will be the inner truth which will reveal your “true” meaning of success in your life.


The first challenge in your success journey is to have a clear understanding of “success”. Don’t ever poison your mind with people who try to convince you with their own definition of success. Start surrounds yourself with people who have the success aura and discover how they achieve the success they want.


In BCR, we will provide you the learning platform to excel your life. We also provide you the world renounce success principles. Through the Biogenic Life Success System, you will apply the experiential learning and start charge your life with success principles. Any how, just understand about the success principles is not enough. You need to internalize the success principles and become the life model of these success principles.


You may be surprise; some people actively taking part in various motivational seminars and reading tons of self help books but do not go any way in life. Success is not so much about knowledge. Success is the application of knowledge. Start blending your daily action plan with success principles. You will soon become the walking testimonial of the success principles which you have learned from this program.



Let’s look at few people who have attained great success in life:

You might have heard about Henry Ford. While Ford is today known for his innovative assembly line and American-made cars, he wasn’t an instant success. In fact, his early businesses failed and broke five times before he founded the successful Ford Motor Company


As the saying goes, it is not important where you are now, but where you are going. Success is a journey. Success is not an unexpected encounter. Learn to master the success principles and prepare you for your success journey. Don’t be misled by people who think that successful people never fail, never encounter problems and perfect in nature. When your mindset is properly tuned with success principles, you will become an unbreakable and unstoppable person.


Start embraces your success today with Biogenic Life Success System. Start blending every success principles in your Biogenic Action Planner and start applying Biogenic Aura Programing in your daily life. You will be surprise how the program will lead you towards the goals that you have set for your life as easy as ABC.


Once your life has been buffered with success principles, you will soon discover all the success criteria will come to you and equip you with all the necessities. You will meet the right person, the right venue and the right resources. You become the magnet of success that draw whatever you want to your life.  Without self mastery base on the success principles, you might be working hard and do not get much out of your struggle.


Let look at Bill Gates success journey. Gates didn’t seem like a shoe-in for success after dropping out of Harvard and starting a failed first business with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen called Traf-O-Data. While this early idea didn’t work, Gates’ later work did, creating the global empire that is Microsoft.


Well, even the wealthiest man in the world might encounter “sickening” journey. Don’t worry about whatever happens to you now. Start charging your life with “Success principles’ and move on to the next level of your success. People may call you “stupid’ “idiots” or “useless fellow”, but you are the one that decide your next destiny. Believe in yourself, believe in Biogenic Life Success System and believe in the person who comes to coach you towards greatness.


Give yourself a chance to experience the success principles in your daily life and see how you can fly towards your ultimate dreams. You never know how high you can fly until you make an attempt with BCR.


I wish you the best in your future success and see you at the achiever platform.


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Ordinary people mindset – easy way, easy money


Many people think about easy way to get what they want. They like to have a simple life with big return. They like to relax and yet they want to be a millionaire. As a result, too many people say “success is fated”. Many are trapped into the “fast rich schemes” that make them feel “upset”


When people are not “working hard” and putting “values” into his success journey, they would always become the victim of their endeavor. They will say “nothing is work for me”. Yet, they don’t understand that “their success journey is swallow and worthless” If you want to be a good students, don’t just “memorize answer” and “spot questions”. Learn diligently and master all the knowledge. If you want to be a successful businessman, don’t just try to gain benefit from other people product, you too need your own branding and products. The more value you put into your success , the stronger you become.


Many businessmen fail because they don’t know how to put in more effort in their business. They might be a good marketer, but they forget about Customer Service. They can be a good financial controller, but they are weak in “business strategy”. You will find that “success” is not just doing what you are good at. You need to balance the whole process with “detail” value which can enhance your performance.


Due to this shortcoming, many people are trapped in life. They want easy work, but high income. They are not ready to put in more values in their work. They don’t have much challenges , difficulties and problems in life. They also don’t have any advancement and recognition in life. In short, their life adventure is “monotonous” and “boring”. They keep on blaming “nothing work for them’ , yet they do not put in values to their undertaking.


Success wisdom

“Success is all about values”. Success without values would not be meaningful and long lasting. The higher the value you put in, the greater your contribution to the world. Take hotel for example, five star hotels gives more value than one start hotel; they deserve higher rate. For sure, the tenants enjoy better living in the five star hotels.