Giver heart and personal success

I have a college’s friend who loves to learn. He will take every opportunity to join free lessons in any field. He has a feeling that “free lesson” is worthwhile because he does not need to pay anything. On the other hand, I have another friend of mine who also love to attend free lesson. After learning for free from the master, he will offer his favor to help his teacher in research and development. He also organize social project to teach the lesson to those in need. If you compare the first and second person, you will discover that the second friend has a unique feature of “giver” in his heart.

What happen after few years, my first friend still a learner with no special achievement while my second friend has successfully developed his business network nationwide. When we study the mindset of my two friends, you will know that “success” is the right of those who are ready to give and share. The more you give your talent and time, the more the world will give you back what you deserved.

Those who are only thinking of him and wanted others to serve him will come to a stage that “nobody will want to help him anymore”. To this person, the more he ask for, the more he will become poor. This is likening to withdraw cash in his bank. The more he withdraw, he lesser it left in the bank account. On the other hand, a giver keeps on deposit more cash to his bank. He will become richer and richer.

Personally, I also make an observation on those whom I admire in life. To them, the success is no complete until they have given back to the society. They believe in social responsibility. They also believe in rewarding those who help him in life. He never takes advantage over others and he is ready to help those who have help him before. With his serving heart, he manage to gain continuous support from people around him.

Start living up a giving heart and start helping those in need. Remember, there is no free lunch that will solve your hunger forever. Learn to give back to those who have helped you to achiever your success in life.


Success principles

Don’t expect everything is free for you. Learn to pay back through your sharing, effort and wisdom. The more you give, the more you will get.