Success mindset

Many of my friends say, “My income bracket can never touch five figures, I don’t think I can make it”. They use their current standard and past achievement to measure their future success. They don’t believe in something that they never achieved before. As a result, they say “I cannot” “that is not my bawl of rice.” Such scenario is totally against the success principles of great achiever. In order to create a new breakthrough in life, you have to believe in what you are wanting. As the saying goes “To believe and to achieve”.

When your life is surrounded against the doubt, you invite worry to your life. You tend to procrastinate your plan and think that is a waste of time and energy. You also tend to agree with others who have a negative mindset about your plan. You let them amplify your doubt and ultimately destroy your own mission in life.

Lack of self confident is one of the biggest challenges that will shut off the beauty of dreams and fantasy. We tend to think “cannot” even though there is a chance to “get it done”. We also start to bring in “fear of failure” that lead us to count on things that will be lost when we the project fail. You might fear of losing your job, fear of losing your friends, fear of losing your money etc. When FEAR appears real, you will tend to lose the interest to keep on pursuing your dream.

To be an achiever in life, you need to think positively even though there are chances of failure. You must look at the bright side of the story and don’t let the risk jeopardize your thinking. You need to think positively and optimistically that you are going to make it. In this manner, you are going to control the fear of losing and risking. The more you inject positive expectation in your mind, the more confident you will become.

Some good scholars are “knowledgeable” about success but they dare not to venture into “risky action”. They are perfectionist who wants to wait for the best moment to start their mission. They have lot of doubt and fear in their mind and they cannot live up their “self confident” As a result, what ever “skills” and “knowledge” become useless in their life.


Success principles

To achieve the success that you want, you have to start with self confident and kick off the project that you have in mind. Only than, the professional knowledge and skills that you have secured will start to function.

Success attitude

Sometimes ago, I told my friend that “attitude training is important to everyone”. Many of them do not agree with me. They say, “Attitude training is only for low performers and problems maker”. I do agree with what they say, but I also feel that “people who are doing well and wish to go beyond their current performance also need attitude training.”

After year of study on human behavior, I found that successful people can become even more successful if they can improve their attitude. Say for example, a person who are happy with five figure income has a different attitude towards their life compare to those who wish to have six figure income per month. People with six  figure income never be a solo hero and they believe in team work;  they also want to leverage their time using technology and strategy. When their attitude is different, they will start looking for a different way of handling their life mission.

Sadly to say, many so call successful people lock themselves with a patent of performance just because they feel happy with what they have been doing now. These successful achievers are trapped in their own mental jail and can’t accept the fact that “their performance is affected by their attitude”. They focus themselves so much on skill and knowledge competency instead of attitude competency. Most of them have a feeling that “I am good enough” and you do not need to challenges my attitude. Such ego set a limitation in their life, and they can never go beyond their performance.

Recently, I met few friends who just come back from USA. They have a mission in life and they also “open for new ideas” that can give values to the process. They have a open door policy towards the success they want and they are ready to think out of the box. For sure, they have a greater room for personal breakthrough compare to those who just say “ My idea is the best and don’t try to teach me new things”.

In other words, , successful people also need attitude training. If you are now a national champion, you can go for world champion. If you are world champion, you can go for record breaking. Along the journey to upgrade your performance, you need character building and attitude training. When you  a world class attitude, you will be able to discover the knowledge and skills of a world achiever.

In fact, a top achiever can drop to poor performance if we neglect the on going attitude training. I have seen students who excel in UPSR and did poorly in PMR and SPM. I also see people who work pretty hard at China become slow and unproductive when are shifted to Malaysia factory and affect by Malaysia working culture. I also see people who are national champion drop their mission to world champion due to the relationship problems with the national team chief. Without the ongoing attitude training for great achiever, they might fall back to low performance.

I have a sincere hope that BACA (Biogenic Aura Crest Academy) can become a platform to build positive attitude to all achievers in Malaysia and help them to shine their name in the world podium.


Success principles

Attitude training is a must for all either they are low performers or top performers. Whatever their result now, they want to get better result in life.