My Personal Vision And Mission


Lately, I start to awake with a inner calling to help others to achieve their dreams and aspiration by providing on going coaching and mentoring. I have started “Jom Success” weekly gathering as my social responsibility. Beside meeting working people, many parent send their children to me with the hope to lighten up their children’s achiever spirit.

Many of my friends start to ask me, “Why you want to do all these tedious task where you can earn a better income by just conducting motivation seminar?” I answer them, “ I focus on personal development support because I get an enormous satisfaction from this effort. To me, it gives me more joy and passion compare to big group seminar or TV interview.”


Since I graduated from UKM, helping others to achiever their dream and seeing them successful is one of my life greatest fulfillment.  Every time I watch world champions received his medal at the Olympic podium, I can feel their success with my tears.  Such feeling arise because I am strongly empathy with their success.  Personally, I have experience the pain and struggle through the challenges of life to attain my dream and aspiration. I know it is not easy for someone to climb up the success ladder and make their dreams come true. To me, success is a journey of sweat , tears and sacrifice.  The joy of seeing others success is a blended with my emotion of proud and happiness. So as when I attend wedding dinner and see a new couple successfully setting up a family, I can feel a joyous touch within me. With such passion in mind, I always ask my participants to instill their desire of having a successful and happy life.


I still remember the moment I say “congratulation” at  Kota Kinabalu airport  to an insurance agent when I was a agency trainer in MNI. He is leaving forVancouver,Canadafor company convention upon the success of achieving his sales target.  I can still recall his spirit to be the first arrive for the PCE training and walk through numerous sales program under my facilitation.  He drove all the way from Beaufort to KK which took him few hours just to attend my training program. After few years, he became a supervisor and now, an agency manager. He enjoys luxurious life with big car and big house. I can feel a winning touch within my heart and I take his success to rebuild his poverty life as my success too.

I can still remember the moment I attended the “Top Ten Malaysian Youth Award” which is organized by Jaycees International at the Golden Horse Hotel (KL). When I see all the finalist award winner stand proudly on the stage to receive their honor from the minister, I can feel the excitement and joy with my tears.  Every award recipient has his own success story and truly touches my heart.


To me, the winning and success of anyone, disregard of their nationality, races or religion will give me lot of good feeling and sweetness in my heart, what’s more, if they are my own students.


Since 1992, I have developed a mission to inspire our youth to excel in their study and life by providing various program and motivation seminar.  All these effort does not give me the true sense of satisfaction because my present is “come and go” basis and I could not personally testify how much my support and help to their future success. Most of them leave the seminar and never get back to me; I also can’t give them ongoing coaching and mentoring.


At my age of 47 today, I wish to seek my career satisfaction and start a new mission to provide on going support to as many individuals as possible to shine in their career or undertaking. I wish to make their success as my old age most sweetest memories.


I am a true believer of the success philosophy “Do what you like and feel the satisfaction of your career.”  Base on this philosophy, I wish my mission will be able to embark to all level of education development by collaborate with counselor or teachers who also has the same aspiration, that is to develop our youth towards greater tomorrow. 


I also have a mission to set up “Learning Centre” to support our youth development especially on character building and learning skills throughoutMalaysiaand nearby countries.


I hope with this mission, we can see moreMalaysiabecome a national hero that shining his name at the world platform. Let us work together to build a greater future for our younger generation and a better tomorrow for our beloved country,  Malaysia.


My motto : Building attitude, creating aspiration

Hilter Yew