Success is never final

Many so called successful people with great social recognition and financial status fall into various life strategy later in life. Some of them are caught in jail; some are in bankruptcy, some even killed by others. This means that success is a life long endeavor. You need to manage your success continuously. You need to ensure that success principles are part of your day to day operation.


I seldom judge people by their outlook. I measure people success by how they monitor their goals in life, either tangible or non tangible goals. If you are currently enjoy luxurious life and do not charge forward with a mission, the chances is that you would be trapped with unforeseen downfallen. Life is like cycling, you have to keep on moving on to avoid the fall.


Let look at those who are unsuccessful in life. They are living in difficult life with limited wages. But after few years, they start to enjoy good life. These people believe in the secret of discovery their mission in life. They move on and on despite all challenges and problems. They face numerous down falls and set back. Ultimately, they prove that “they are successful” in life.


Never underestimate the power of goal setting. A person who struggle through life with a goals is regarded more successful than a so called successful people who has no goals. You can be looking good with all your possessions, either inherits from your parents or through your pass effort, but without a goal to charge on, your current success is considered “down”. With their outlook and possession, it is difficult to class them as failure, but the true fact is that “they are going no where in life”.


Success wisdom

If you want to classify successful and failure, you need to look at how they manage their mission and goals in life. If they have goals and clear in their mission,  call them “successful” even though they are in tough time now. Ultimately, they will come out of life and emerge as a winner. As the saying goes “Any uncongenial condition will not last forever if you have a mission and you fight for it everyday.”