Who can talk about success?

Sometimes before, a good friend of mine ask me a question “Who has the right to talk about success”. To him, only those great achievers and millionaire can share about success. I smile and say “They have walk through the success journey, off course they have the right to share about success.”


After much pondering, I found that everyone has their own success story. They can be just you and me who have experience the process of achieving what we want in life. Even though it is a simple success of getting an increment of few hundreds ringgit in your job, it means a lot to those who made it. Than, I come to a point that everyone has the right to talk about success.


Let us take our school’s life for example, when you work hard and achieve Straight A, you have gain the wisdom of making your dreams come through. You know what it means by setting goals and planning. You also learn about the important of positive mindset and priority setting. In fact, all success journeys require almost the same success ingredients.


If you want to be a motivator, you need to learn how to derive success principles from your success stories. In doing this, you will be able to lead others who are not in the same profession as you to achieve their success. To make these principles work for them, you also need to guide them how to execute these success principles in their life.


After so many years in training and coaching business, I believe that everyone who has the desire to learn about success principles can share about success. Even though you might not an achiever in life, but through sharing of success principles, you can help many people around you to light up their desire to success. Of course, the more you share about success principles, the easier for you to inculcate the success principles in your sub conscious mind.


Success is not a secret any more. Learn to share and talk about success. When everyone around you has the same interest to talk about success, you will be surrounded with positive people who have the success mindset. Don’t worry if you don’t have any great achievements in life. It is a matter of time; you too will become a great achiever in your life.


Success principles

Success is a journey. Your current status can be “nobody”. If you have a desire to learn and share about success, ultimately your life will be buffered with success principles. You will find that, success will come to you in a common hour of an unexpected moment. You will enjoy better life, better income and a more successful future.