My life story – Transformation of A Problem Child

When I was in primary one, my examination result was very poor, and always stand among the last  in the class academic positioning.  After school, I used to chuck my school beg under the table and wondering around with my friends till late evening. Actually, I do not like to study and I also don’t like to go to school.  I still remember the moment my father register me at the Kingdergarden and bought all the learning tools for me. My father decided to stop my schooling and only registered me the following year.  Since small, I like to bring my  sligshot which was made by the Guava wood and move around the rubber estate nearby. I also like to sit by the lake side and watch my friend fishing. I also love taking a ride with a small wooden boat and explore every part of the lake. I also collected lot of rubber seeds and we fight among teach other by breaking the opponent seeds.  I also used to spend time at my neighbour house and watch few of my interested movies; among which are “Six Million Dollar Man” dan “Bionic Women”.  Beside, I also like to ride my BMX bicycle and travel around the neighbourhood.  There are also time I stole rambutan when the owner is not around. At one time, I did set up a small tree hut with my friends. We even made a wooden ladder that allow us to climb up to the hut. We stay at the hut until late night despite of the shouting voice from our parents afar. In short, my childhood is wild and not disciplined.  After getting few stiches at the hospital, I

My parents are very worried with my behavior. At one day, when my father was very sick and lie on bed, I went to my friend’s house to watch TV.  When I enter the house compaund, a very fierce dog jump at me and attack my head.  After getting a few stiches at the Queen E Hospital, I forced to stay at home during the rehabilitation perios. My mother start discipline me with a cane and asked me to study. I can feel a strong feeling of “rebellation” since I dont like to study. Everytime I do not study properly, the cane will be be striken on my table. When I fight back, my mother will cane my leg with force and leave with reddish mark. To show my resistance and protest, I used to cry almost every day with super loud voice for couple of hours everyday.  All my neighbour can hear my cry even from far. Sometimes, I even destroy things at home by throwing things, slamp the door with force and collapse the cabinet  and books rak. My parent are very sad and disappointed with my attitude. I was slapped by father on my face and I was sent out to the gate and say “Dont come back any more, dont call me mother any more”. They also used to publicly expressed their dismay towards me and say “I just don’t know how is your future looks like.”


Eventhough they can be veru strict with me, but they also use a lot psychological phrase to transform my thinking and I am truely touched by them. When I was in primary four, I started to read English book with my father supervision. For the first time in my life, I pass my English paper. I also improve my overall academic performace to eleventh in the class. At the final examination, I became the top student in the class. What an amazing improvement. My father bought me a bicycle as the gift and encourage me to study harder.  When I was in primary five,  I was elected to represent school in the speech contest, I also became a school monitor.  All the change in my life give me joy and satisfaction. It drives me to be my best until I achieved my university dream in 1987.

Today, whenever I met with problem student or high risk students who are not interested to study or have disiplined problem, I am confident that I can help them to become a winner inlife.  I have a believe that everybody can change towards betterment and success disregard of their current challenges. This is also one of mission in life to help those unwanted group of children to be an achiever by conducting motivational seminar and personal coaching. Biogenic success program is one of the training series which was designed by me to improve the self knowledge of the students and develop their future.  May this mission will help more “hopeless individual”  to excel in their life undertaking.


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