My Attainment

Here some of my life story


King Scout Award

King Scout Award

–         Despite of study and family commitment,  I manage to pass all the King Scout certification. I join the scout troop in Form 1 with the desire to have a full sleeves of badges. I put it in my visualization and it comes true.


Graduation Day

Graduate of UKM

–         The glory of graduate from university has become my passionate desire ever since I was in form three. With the consistent visualization, it comes true to me

Teacher in KKHS

–         I start guiding my students using Biogenic Model in 1992. I organize all types of Holiday Camp and Leadership Camp for students. I even visualize that I can travel by flight and reach out to more students. It’s all comes true.


PVR Training At Pulakas
Best Service Award PDRM

Police Volunteer Reserve (PVR)

–         I aspire to be a good policeman. Through my visualization, I successfully awarded The Best Service in year 2000



Dataran Merdeka 1984

Student’s representative to National Day Parade in KL

–         I aspire to represent the state in some breakthrough event. I was selected and represent Sabah contingent in 1984 National Parade in KL.


I received a diving watch cost around RM300 from the school

Best Students Award

–         In 1984, I have strong urge to be the Model Students of the schools. My passion grow stronger when I know that 1984 candidate is not me. My visualization to be the model student of the school keep my momentum growing and I make it in 1985.


The Best Monitor Award

–         Out of all the class monitors, I have an honor to be be awarded as the Best Monitor of the school. When I was appointed as a monitor, I start to visualize the classroom cleanliness and decoration I desired. I than make every idea into action.


My First Award from Toastmasters Club

The Most Enthusiasm Toastmaster Awards

–         When I graduate from UKM, my English speaking is very poor. But my passion to speak give me an award from Toastmaster Club. Again my visualization to be a great speaker come to reality.


Toastmasters Speech Contest

The Toastmasters Speech Champion

–         I have win more than ten speech contest either as Champion or first runner up. I will visualize myself as the best speaker before the competition. It really helpful to build my confident and cultivate winning attitude.


Check in Hotel
In the flight

Travel and Talk

–         I use to go to airport and visualize I am taking off for international engagement. Currently, I have travel to few countries in Asian to conduct corporate training.


MLM Training - With My Team Leaders

Success in Networking

–         I have been visualize myself to be successful in networking and speak to thousand of people in company convention. In 2007, I was awarded as Crown Manager with one of the MLM company. My visualization pay off.


Since 1995
Columnist For Daily Express and Berita Harian

Press release

–         I have started to visualize my press release since I was in secondary school. All these visualization come to picture. I also a columnist for few local newspapers.


Hitter Yew Di Selamat Pagi Malaysia TV1

TV and radio broadcasting

–         My visualization of speaking to million of people through TV come to place in 2009. I was invited as a guest speaker for more than 50 series throughout the year.

Body Builder
In The Gym

Body Building and Fitness

–         I always dream to have a nice body. My body shape now is 43, 29, 35) Even though I am getting near to 50 years old now, it is still not late for me to compete in Mr. Malaysia competition in veteran category. I visualize it every day. I also have the Arnold S Picture in my handset. He is my inspirator.



My CD Production Since 1993

Education CD production

–         In 1992, I aspire to produce 100 educational CD for students. Until today, I have completed 50 CD productions. I name it as Siri Permata (character building series) and Siri Mutiara (career guidance series). I visualize that all these collection are kept in each school in Malaysia

More Than 800 Certificate and Banner
Special Interview By New Life Press

1000 certificate

–         I have a dream to collect one thousand certificates in my whole life. Up to date, I have accumulate 871 certificate ranging from association, training etc. My visualization is still on the go.


Conducting Training Session
Conducting training session for youth and corporate

Own Business

–         In 1987, I set up my own company called Top (HRD) Training Consultant. Three years before the establishment, I visualize my dream with the name of the company TOP on most of my Write up.


SLP Education Licensing Project

Licensee Project

–         Network business is always my passion. In 2008, I was one of the Directors with a publication cum educational licensee company called SLP Media Sdn Bhd. The Managing Director close down the business in 2010. Any how, my visualization still on to set up my own publication house.

Lion Dance Captain

Lion Dance

–         I dream to be a good lion dance player when I was in secondary school. With my untiring commitment to perform my very best, I was given a nick name “Superman” in the troop. Again, my visualization comes true.


Song writing

–         I have written and compose few corporate theme songs . One of my visualization is to create a patriotic and motivational album for Malaysia. My visualization on songs composing still on today.

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