Success’s character

Having met with many extra ordinary people who make a different in their life and people around them, I found that they have their unique character that lead them to become a special person. When we compare the achiever with those who live a mundane life without any special attainment, we found that they also have many other success resources that enable them to emerge as a winner. They have better education, better social networks, better health etc. My question is “why they deserve to have all these wonderful success resources, while some others toiling hard through life without much success.” The answer is that they have the right mindset and character in life.

Almost all winners start their success journey with little or no success resources. They have no money, no education, no social network etc. With the right mindset and character, they equip themselves with the success resources they want. I met with achiever who is so thrifty just to accumulate his capital to buy a laptop. I met with achiever who sacrifice his recreational time just to get attend the night school. I also met with achiever who spends time to travel all the way to the Toastmasters meeting.  With the right mindset and character, they get the resources that are important to their success. In other words, with the right character, you can have anything you want.

I also met with person who has a problematic mindset would are rejected by others and fail to get what he want. Some people say “their luck is bad”, but I like to say “their character is not good.”. When you fail to impress others with your personality, you would not able to get their support. In fact, all achievers have a wonderful personal relationship character that helps them to get what they want in life.

When you met someone who has a good life, achieve extra ordinary result and successful, try to learn about his behavior and character. They are special because they have a set of attitude that differentiates them from others. To be an achiever, work on your mindset and character before you work on your skills and knowledge. When your mindset is right, all what you want will be able to come to you easily.

Throughout my life as an achiever coach, I start to aware that “all people” can be an achiever when they set their character correctly. Start planting achiever spirit in your life and start making a different in your life.


Success principle

The life will auto pilot to your life to your desired direction easily when your mindset is being set correctly. You become the magnet of success.





How Biogenic Model Turned My Life Around

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Some people call me Hilter Yew or Hitler Yew

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When I was in secondary school, I was very weak in Mathematics. Despite of my hard works and commitment, my examination result seems always below fifty marks. In the classroom, teachers always try their best to help me with untiring explanation and coaching. They even call me to sit in front of the class so that I can get their attention. When was in form four, I choose to drop my Add Maths. The reason is very simple; I just can’t catch up with the learning. When I was in form six, Add Maths is a compulsory subject for Science students. Guess what, I have to spend so many hours on tuition after schools. To me, Mathematics is my most torturing subject.

Knowing that Mathematics is my weak subject, I totally lost my confident to go to university. Even so, I have a desire to excel in my study. As the only son at home, I wish to fulfill my parent’s expectation. Every night before sleep, I lie down on my bed and think about university. I see myself in my mind’s eyes, the moment I say good bye to my parents at the airport. I also mentally see myself attending convocation with my parents. Not knowing why I could be so committed to such imagination on that time, but it just come to me naturally. Every episode that was vividly pictured in my mind give me a strong sense of passion and commitment.

The strong goal awareness from my daily visualization really gave me lot of energy to excel in my study.I still remember how I woke up early morning to do my revision. Despite of heavy family commitment and scouting activities, it does not stop me from doing my best in study. I use my night time , weekend and public holiday fully in study. I even quit all the interesting movie and TV program.

In 1988, my dream comes true. To my surprise, I got a principle in STPM Add Mathematics examination. This qualifies me for the local university application.The whole mental episode now becomes a real happening in my life. I received a letter of offer from National University of Malaysia (UKM) in Bangi. I was totally astounded. My motivation power to excel has surpassed my doubt and worry.

I also use the same mental practice in others areas of life. I visualize myself as the model students of the school, it comes true in 1985. I visualize myself as the Head Prefect for the school, it comes true too. I visualize myself as the speech contest champion, it comes true to me again.I visualize that I get the King Scout Award from the King of Malaysia , it comes true in 1987.

After graduation, I involve in various career experience. I visualize myself as top sales in Hurley water filter sales; it comes true to me in 1991. I visualize myself as the best speaker in Toastmasters; it comes true to me in 1992. I visualize myself as a corporate trainer; it comes true to me in 1994. On that time, I work for MNI as a agency trainer. I visualize myself as a columnist writer, it comes true in 1995. On the time, I have started as a columnist with Borneo Post. I visualize myself as a full time professional speaker, it comes true in 1997. I set up the first training consultant in Sabah. I visualize myself speaking to 100,000 students nationwide and it comes true in year 2005. I also visualize myself appear in TV series, it comes true in 2009. I have been invited as a guest speaker for TV1 Selamat Pagi Malaysia for 56 series. I visualize I could set up 100 series of training CD before the age of 50, and in 2011; half of them has been actualized today.

I can see that mental visualization has BECOME A DOMINANT SUCCESS FACTOR IN MY LIFE. When my desire is burning, my attitude will automatically restructure towards the desire I want. When I have strong desire to go to university, my study attitude become aggressive and committed. I start to appreciate this mental reformation and use it in every aspect of my life. Knowing that my journey of life is made up of all these pre-mental videos, I wish to sharpen these ideas and share with the whole world.

I start to read books on visualization. There are many master in the world explain about this simple yet effective method of personal transformation. I also commit to various coaching program from international renounce speakers like Paul J Meyer, Anthony Robbin , Brian Tracy, Steven Covey. All of them talk about the same principles. Knowing that these principles have been part of life practice since young, I feel so passionate about this methodology.

I start sharing this methodology and I name it as Autogenesis in 1997. Many students whom have participated in my motivation rally apply this methodology in their life too. I guide them how to visualize their future and plant the university dream in their life. More than 100,000 students nationwide have learned about this methodology in the pass 15 years.

In 2010, I rename the whole program as Biogenic Mental Visualization. The uniqueness of this program is that we are using Music Psychology as part of the visualization. My project partner, Sylvester Fan is indeed giving me lot of support in this area.

To make this methodology accessible to more counselors and teachers around Malaysia , BACA was formed officially on the 1st Nov 2011. This academy hold a mission to serve all Malaysian and to promote the Biogenic Model to all.

Now you’ve already seen how using the Biogenic Mind Visualization I’m about to pass on to you and purposefully activating the law of attraction has changed my life and those of the people around me.

I hope you’ve already started to realize and appreciate the enormous power, potential and possibilities of the Biogenic Gem of a precious gift which I’m handing over to you.

Are you ready to use Biogenic Model to transform your life too?

If so, start apply this mental practice and start activating the law of attraction for

I’m waiting to receive your success stories!

Abang Yew
Biogenic Mind Founder


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