My first girl friend comment …

When I just was in university, I met with my first girl friend. After graduate, we still keep in touch and communicate to each other. We hope the relationship will grow but not. She told me that she don’t feel secure to live with me. Many of my friends do comment the same, saying that I am not financially strong and spend too much time on learning and socializing. Well, they can be right. I spend almost all my time and money for buying books, attending seminar, Toastmasters, Jaycees meeting etc. As a result, I don’t seem to be strong financially compare to those who spend money on branded clothing’s, luxurious car and beautiful house.

Until today, I discover that success is not so much on outlook. With all the learning and struggling to develop my character, knowledge and EQ, I start to meet with “greater” opportunity which would not belong to me if I don’t train myself at my early age.  One of my Guru told me, “Like is liken to bamboo shoot, you take years to groom your root underground without anybody noticing it; but when it start growing out of the ground, it’s height can go to several hundred feet in just few months time.

I start to aware that “self development” is the best asset that you can give to yourself. Nobody can still from you.  You can lost your car, lost your house etc; but you can never lost your wisdom and skills. I never regret of spending almost five thousand to buy the SMI (Success Motivation International) program called “The Dynamic Of Personal Goal Setting” when I just graduated in 1990. I still remember the salesman pass two books and six cassette when I was atSubangAirport. At that time, I even have to borrow few hundred ringgit from my girl friend to settle the overweight charge of my luggage.

After so many years learning about success principles, I have develop the mental success of an achiever. All these years, I have gain numerous award, achievement and financial success. Even though I do made some mistake and encounter problems or failures, but success principles keep my momentum towards my life destiny. In other words, you become unstoppable and unbreakable.

With the supreme power of success principles, what you want will come to you. It is just the matter of time, your dreams will become a reality. With SMI, I also set up my million dollar financial dream. Now, I can see that all my planning actualize gradually towards my predetermined destiny.


Success principles

If you are ready to spend money and time for your life development, you will embrace success in a common hour of an unexpected moment. Don’t worry if you are now financial weak, socially unrecognized and full of problems. With the right set of success principles in your mind, you will welcome the greatest gift of life one day ; that is your personal success and satisfaction.