Successful life style

When I ask those who want to be successful in life, “What type of successful lifestyle that you wish to have?”. Many of them would say “I want to have luxurious life with big car, big house and annual vacancy to few favorite places.” Too many people program their success lifestyle at the “end result” of their struggle. They thought that success is all about enjoyment and relaxation. Not many people can define successful lifestyle at the time they struggle through the challenges and enjoy every moment of it.  To me, successful lifestyle is how manage your day to day process with passion. You do not need to wait until the moment to earn the first million before you can enjoy your life.

Let us look into the life of a farmer. They walk through few months of sweating and hard works in the padi field but they enjoy every moment of it. They walk to the padi field while whistling and singing. They feel proud of their job because they could feel their noble service to the fellowman. During the few weeks of harvesting, they enjoy the financial rewards of their hard work. They can buy delicious food, they can invest in expensive items for their family and they can take few weeks breaks by resting at home. If they just focus the joy of success of these few weeks, they might forget the joy of expecting success when they ploughing the padi field for the last so many months.

To me, enjoy every moment of your success journey is more meaningful than the moment of rewarding.  Through out your success journey, you need to tune your resources, your plan, your strategy and your attitude towards the success you want. You might also need to work on your creativity, your commitment, your leadership, your fitness, your social skills , negotiation skills etc. All these process involve sacrifices, commitment and decision making. Without these qualities in your life, you would not be able to generate the success rewards at the end. In other words, the successful life started from the moment you work on your success, not the rewarding moment.

When I ask around those who enjoy luxurious life, I found that not all of them deserved to be called “successful life”. That rich man son who enjoys every penny from his father’s descendent without doing much about his own success would never regard successful. Those rich men who earn their first million through fraud and illegal process would never understand what the meaning of true success is. Their luxurious life can never become the branding of their success, but the symbol of their unwholesome acts.

Some so call luxurious people indulge themselves with all sorts of first class treatment and forget totally about their commitment and integrity. This will result with downfall of their own kingdom. In other words, the moment they start to forget about their success journey, the business will start going down. Luxurious life can be the source of failure if we don’t manage it properly.


Success principles

Never regard luxurious life as a symbol of success, but rather focus on the journey of getting the success. They more you apply the success principles in life, the more you earn the successful life style


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Author: Dr.Yew

Dr.Yew is a professional speaker.