“Success without responsibility” is useless


One time ago, I met with a woman who has a great desire to set up her own business. After marriage, she was tied up by the family commitment. Even so, she read all the great books on success. She even spends time on learning various skills that contribute towards her business success. When all her children have grown up, she started to set up her business vigorously.


The first tastes of profit that come to her enchant her spirit so much. She put in 101% of her time in the business. She only back to her house once while. Most of the time, she would sleep in her office compound. The sad thing is, she spent all her money on business reinvestment and has nothing left for her family. She managed to buy a new car, new machine; but she lost her family. She decided to divorce her husband and think that she is independent enough to handle her own life.


When success was colored with pride, ego and selfishness, success becomes meaningless. The first thing we need to ask ourselves, why we want to achieve success? If your answer is to prove your greatness, enjoy luxurious life, and totally forget those that you love.. your children, your spouse, your parents etc, I would suggest that you better keep low profile lifestyle and don’t work so hard. In other words, you are not fit for great success.

In the journey of success, we have to define the meaning of success in our own perspective.


Everyone has their own responsibility to fulfill. If you tend to focus on your financial success and totally neglect the needs of those you serve, either financially, emotionally or physically, success is just a problem in your life. You might be looking good from outside, but you are cursed by your love one, your children and your parents. What is the meaning of success if we cannot share the fruits of success with those we love?



If you want to make success a meaningful venture in your life, always share the fruits of success with those you love. In such manner, your family would not grumble even if you can’t spend time with them. Sadly, some wealthy people spend money and time in the golf club, in the spa, in gambling etc. When you forget about your family, you start to lose everything again. This is why some people lost balancing in life and turn million to zero. They aware that success is a holistic adventure, not “one way ticket”.


Wisdom of success

Learn to serve and not just suck everything you earn for your own comfort and wellbeing, Understand that success is a multi-perspective adventure. You can’t judge your success from one perspective only.

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Author: Dr.Yew

Dr.Yew is a professional speaker.