Success Principles : Tough life but meaningful life

I have a friend who just wants to have simple and easy life. He does not like stress and problems. Most of the time, he will focus on what he needs to do and spend most of free time to enjoy life. He set a limit to everything he needs to do and he does not like to stress himself. On the other hand, I have another friend who just feels to do extra in life. He will go around asking his parents or superior, “what I can help?’. He uses his night time in various activities that could add value to his life. He join Toastmasters, he join Jaycees, he also involve in social projects at the welfare house.

After ten years, the second man successfully develops a career and lifestyle that give him much happiness and well being. He earns a good income and he manages to secure good career with a prominent company. All the values that he has pumped into his life give him a great boost to his life development.

If we dare to go beyond the current standard of our life, we will develop more success than those who just hold on their current standard. Busy and stress is part of a person who wants to breakthrough his life.  Easy success is just a term for those who wish to remain at the comfort zone and do not stretch beyond their current expectation.

I have a belief that “success does not always come easily”. If it is so easy, than all the people in the world has become rich and successful.  In order to attract the success you want, you need to do something to enrich your life.  For those who just want to enjoy life, they are not ready to stretch their life beyond their current state. When the opportunity appears, they are not deserved to live the life that they aspire to have.

There is a saying “it is not how long you live, but how much values that you have accumulate in your life.”  Those who work extra mile and achieve great success in life is having more values compare to others who just work on demand and not more than that. If you feel that your current life is easy going without stress and problems, it just shows that you need to work a bit extra mile and explore your potential in a greater way.


Success principles

Having easy life without stress sound great, but it will diminish your potential to earn a better life in the future.  You will find that easy life is vulnerable towards challenges, inflation and changes around you. When adversity comes, they just fall and surrender themselves.



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Author: Dr.Yew

Dr.Yew is a professional speaker.