Success culture

Once I visited a top school in town, the can feel the excellent learning culture in the school. Every student walk around with their books and they use every single minute to study hard.  When the school’s bell rings, everyone went back to their classroom. Few years later, I visited the same school and to my surprise; the study culture has diminished. I can see students making noise every where. When school’s bell ring, the students still loitering around and do not go back to their classroom.

I ask the principal why this happen. I got the answer for the differences. Two years ago, students admission is tightly screened and only high flyer are allowed to get a place in the school. Due to the change of policy, now anyone can just come and registered as students.  What I learned from this scenario is the true fact of all great corporations.  The culture of excellence starts from individual. Even though top management can also have some control over the culture development of an organization, the quality of team members do play a vital roles in shaping the team performance and results.

From the example above, we can conclude that building “successful individual” is the foundation “team success”.  We need to ensure that every individual has the right mindset, right values and right attitude. When each team member successfully implement their individual KPi , the C-KPi will surely on target too.

Another way of ensuring your team has the right team member is to impose tight screening on your new staff recruitment. Any how, such process also comes with high salary pay out. Due to the competition of man power,  you might not able to get the cream in the industrial; this is because others company also offer good remuneration to their staff.

Ultimately, training and coaching is the best approach in man power development. I met with few school principles who manage to transform their school towards higher performance and better learning culture. It takes pain staking effort and on going commitment to make this happen.

As a conclusion, tight student’s intake is the best way to create excellent school culture. If you don’t have such preferences, you need to work on student’s development in personal level. As the saying goes, “If you can’t change the environment, start doing something to develop the environment you want.”


Success principles

Personal success and quality is always the basic build up of a team success. When an organization achieve its best, you can always say “ Each team member is great.”


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Author: Dr.Yew

Dr.Yew is a professional speaker.