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Attitude quotation by Hitter Yew

Hilter Yew believe that  success is always a holistic approach in making your life colorful, interesting and meaningful. With this belief in mind, Hilter Yew formulate the Biogenic Aura Crest Academy in Malaysia – specially devote towards character building for students and young adults.Keywords : Hilter Yew, Abang Yew, Hitter Yew, Yew Foo Chang, Pakar motivasi, Malaysia Premier Motivator, Motivational speaker Malaysia, corporate training malaysia, corporate training kuala lumpur, corporate training, corporate training provider malaysia, motivational training malaysia, motivational training kuala lumpur, motivational training provider, motivational corporate training, Training Provider in Malaysia, Training in Malaysia, Training Providers in Malaysia, Training Provider, Training Provider Malaysia, Training Malaysia, Training Program,Training Provider in Malaysia,education,ethics, leadership,success,motivation, prevention,communication,teamwork,
Hitter Yew - What your mind can conceive, you can achieve

Hitter Yew was a Human Resource Development (HRD) student at Universiti Putra Malaysia where he was working on the mind and body project. There he met with Y.Bhg.Prof.Madya Dr. Mohammed Fadzil Che Din and get him to be an advisor in some of his mental development program. Hitter Yew began to wonder about the visualization methods employed by effective therapists. This like wise intrigued his research team, they start to explore a more effective ways of creating reality through visualization, which they name it as Biogenic Model.  The results of this exploration were fifty volumes of mental training CD call “Biogenic Mind Encyclopedia” which is the first ever series of “Biogenic Aura Amplification CD” in the world.

Biogenic Mind Program is a form of mental programming, or most people called “Life Transformation” or “Fate Changing” process. Essentially, Biogenic Mind Program is concerned with how we can focus on our core desire and diminish our self destructive mental pattern. However, it is not really a theory. Hitter Yew was concerned not with theories, but with practical application. Thus, they designed Biogenic Mind Program in the form of mental training CD for users to master the knowledge experts in the practical manner.

Today, Hitter Yew is studying the difference between sensory input and the way in which that input is stored in the mind. Hitter Yew also develop the Biogenic-Psychosonic, the study of the visualization impacts of sound, and DHE, or Design Human Engineering


The philosophy of “Biogenic Mind” Life Transformation Program

Upon decades of observation on human success and transformation, Hitter Yew concludes that everybody is bonded by “fate” in different degrees. Some are extremely “fate dependent” while others are ‘fate breakthrough”. The level of life bondage by fate is very much depending on your mindset and attitude.

With the understanding of “Man’s character is his fate.”, Hitter Yew and his partners start to explore a series of character building and life destiny Audio CD training program. After 12 years of research and compilation with sheer determination and hard works, the “Biogenic Aura Amplifier CD” has been launched.

Hitter Yew is the strong believer of “Mind Power”. We are given the supreme mental faculty called: the power to choose and to decide. When we use the mind power to create wholesome results in life, we are actually bringing values to the world. On the other hand, if we do not use the power of mind to improve the quality of our life, we will tend to become the victim of the environment. You might have heard about the saying “God will help those who help themselves”. This means we have to work on ourselves before we deserve God’s help. Sadly to say, most people surrender themselves to the problems and totally do nothing to upgrade their quality of life. They pray for help which they never experience. They cry in predicament thinking about all the pain and suffering that happens in their life.


You might also heard of this quote : “I do not believe in fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in fate that falls on them unless they act.” Action is the power source of life transformation. Most people could not move into action because they have not release the handbrake of their inner desires and motivation.  To do this, we have to build an idea with intense desire, we also need to develop sincere believe and commitment. In other words, mindset and attitude is the core factors of action. Most people plan their life on what they want to do but fail to manage their attitude. Biogenic Mind Program is the attitude grease that help to smooth the day to day action.

Another quote of life: Most people live and die with their music still unplayed. They never dare to try. They always say “The timing is not right”, “it is too difficult”, “I don’t have the resources”. As a result, their dreams submerge under their mind destructive attitude. They can support their excuses with intellectual proof, but they fail to overcome all these excuses and self actualize their desires. Biogenic Mind Program is a powerful mental tools to unlearn and relearn your attitude. You will than be able to attain your core desire despite of whatever happen around you. You will become a great achiever in life.

There is a saying, “If you can’t change your fate, change your attitude.” In other words, not everything you want in life can be at your side all the time. There are time of dismiss, sorrow and failure. In fact, nobody is free from all these bad happening in life. You will find that all the successful man in the world also encounter with numerous failures in life. Most people misled by the saying “Mind is the master power”. Your destiny is ultimately controlled by the God, not your mind. Foremost, you must do your best and surrender to the God for the outcome. As the saying goes, “Do your best and let God do the rest”. In this process, you must have an ability to welcome whatever outcome, either good or bad from our creator. Biogenic Mind Program is helping you to heal the mental injury and be optimist in your journey of success.

Let us look into another quote of life, “Man’s character is his fate.” Some people think that knowledge is the supreme power; some think that experience and skills are the most important success factors. Even though you do not have knowledge and skills, with a right character; you can still able to get them. In other words, the process of character building is more important than skills learning. With tons of knowledge and skills, you still fail to deliver the result if you have a wrong attitude. Most people pay thousand of ringgit on knowledge and skills, but they spend only few pennies on character building.

Another saying about fate, “Fate is for those too weak to determine their own destiny.” If you can’t commit for five hours revision a day at home, you will be grouped into non Straight A students. Compare to those who are strong and ready to commit for excellent, they would not say “Straight A” is fated.  The source of your inner strength to develop excellent in life is very much depend on your desire. When you have a core desire burning inside you, nothing can stop you. “Biogenic Dream Recording” help you to identify and amplify your personal desire towards action and accomplishment.


There is a saying, “Throw a lucky man into the sea, and he will come up with a fish in his mouth.”  When your personal character is wholesome, the worst happening will not be a full stop in his life. On the other hand, he will re bounce with power and gain back everything he has lost in life.  We might call them “lucky man”, but when we study their life, you find that these “lucky man” is indeed having lots of positive attitudes in life compare to those who are just complaining and blaming. Biogenic Mind Program complement your life with series of character building training CD that will generate positive aura in life.

A great saying , “Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.” This mean that we can release ourselves from fate if we know how to seek our mental freedom. Learn to free your mind from “fear”, “anger’ etc and you will be able to master your life’s destiny. Most people fail to let go their destructive mental habit. They become the victim of their own mind. They become their own worst enemy. Biogenic Mind Program help you to release your mental gears and get out from your mental jail. You will soon be able to explore life journey towards a greater future.

There is a saying goes, “Each man is the architect of his own fate.” But I would like to crash this saying by adding another phrase “With God Will”. Some great achievers are so arrogant and pay no respect to the God. They become self acclaimed hero and do not show gratitude to those who help them to the top. With a right attitude, you will be able to develop your life and change whatever happens to you now.

Another saying, “Fate has nothing to do you what you’re doing because you decide what you want to do….” When you dare to decide what you want, the fate is in your hand. When you surrender the decision to others, you fate will be controlled by others. Learn to master your life by knowing what you really want and not what others want you to do. You will become a man of destiny and able to shape your own life style. Biogenic Mind Program help you to seek your own goals that is unique to your life.

A great thinker with the name Emily Fate says “ haha, my last name is fate”. She has a sunshine attitude of never say die despite of whatever happen. When you still hold on to your journey and firm with your mission, you are on the way to actualization. The fate is only come to you when you surrender your fighting power. With Biogenic Mind Program, you can sense the hope within you and regain power to move on despite whatever misshape happen to your life.

  • Fate – winners refuse to believe in it and losers use it as an excuse
  • or every reason you have to give up and quit I have a reason to win, For every reason you have to stay on the ground after being pushed I have reason to stand and kick the one who pushed me.

Let me share another great saying ,”Fate is the future that you determined for yourself now…”  When you train your mind to formulate a future, you have decide your fate in a constructive way. In other words, you can decide your fate in certain degrees in life through planning and strategic action.  Your destiny five years from now is your future fate. Another saying, “The best way to predict your future is to create it”. This mean that we can be the architect of our fate. Biogenic Mind Program is giving you the mental tools to clarify your destiny  and make it more vivid in life.