Hilter Profile (English)

The founder of Crest Academy
A mission to serve the society



YEAR 1992 to 2015, is actively involved in HRD (Human Resource Development) as a teacher, professional trainer, facilitator, consultant and personal coach.  All these years, giving professional training to thousand of primary/secondary schools, nearly 300 companies, government agencies and associations, more than 30 NGO and religious bodies with more than 10,000 hours of training session and get in touch with more than 32,000 students, government staff, corporate staff, teachers and parents.


YEAR 2009, setting up the First “Character Building Foundation” in Malaysia “Biogenic Aura Crest Academy” (BACA), and nurturing Character Building Teachers nationwide. Also carry out intensive research on Character Building and authoring Character Building E-Book series on Character Building e.g. “Biogenic Model Secret” in English/ Malay version and “110 Power Phrase”  for Parents” in Mandarin Version. Also design hundred of “Character Building Reflection Learning Series” and “Biogenic Character Building Reflection Series” and “Biogenic Career Guidance Simulation Series”, also recording more than 50 educational tools, including “Autogenesis University’s Dream”, “30 Study Skills” ’30 Memory Skills”.


YEAR 2003-2008, besides serving companies as a Professional Corporate Trainer, also breakthrough personal sales target of 6 companies and recognized as a Model Sales Trainer. These companies are AIA (TOP ROOKIES), ODASAJA SDN BHD (Top Sales), HURLEY SDN BHD (REGIONAL TOP SALES), KENSHIDO INTERNATIONAL (CROWN MANAGER), EZEEONE SDN BHD; (SILVER MANAGER), BUSINESS POINT SDN BHD (NATIONAL TOP SALES).


YEAR 2001-2013,serving MOSTWELL GROUP as a company’s Director as well as a Corporate Trainer, also taking part as an Organization Development (OD) Consultant and trainer for few companies including OGAWA,DINERS CLUB and SLP MEDIA SDN BHD。


YEAR1998-2015,receive the training certification from Ministry Of Human Resource as (HRDF Corporate Certified Trainer);mean while, appointed by the Ministry of Human Resource as a (Youth Consultant) , formulating youth development policies and strategic planning.


YEAR 1997,establishing Top (HRD) Training Consultant as a full time (Professional Trainer), Certified by LEE DUBOIS to facilitated the Professional Selling Program as a Master Trainer , also taking part as a (Commissioner Director) of “Leadership Development Commission” Jaycees Tanjung Aru. also being appointed as University Malaysia Sabah Assistant Lecturer (UMS), teaching public speaking and communication course.


Certified by Jaycees International as a CMT (Certified Member Trainer) and appointed by Welfare Department as a facilitator, helping teenagers and youth to rebuild their life.
YEAR 1994-1997 work as a (Agency Trainer) of Malaysia National Insurance (MNI) , and coaching SMI Modules in the area of 《Dynamic Of Personal Goal Setting》 《Professional Salesmanship》 《Corporate Management 》. Beside, conduct the “Excellent Students Programs” for school students nationwide.


YEAR 1992-1994:  serve as a Physic teachers and Counselling Teacher for KK High School.


1991 Graduate from National University of Malaysia (BSc. Psychology), 2007 graduate from University Putra Malaysia (MSc. UPM) Adult Training and Organization Development


Here are the training scope

  • Character Building (51 Class)
  • Parental Communication Skills(12 Class)
  • Teachers Professional Development (12 Class)
  • Dynamic Motivation Series(36 Class)
  • Biogenic Success Module (24 Class)
  • Biogenic Career Path Module (50 Class)
  • Biogenic Attitude Cultivation (36 Class)
  • Performance Management System(24 Class)
  • Excellent Leadership Series(36 Class)
  • Professional Selling Skills(12 Class)
  • Corporate Management Series(24 Class)




Hilter Yew’s Achievement


  • Publishing more than 300 piece of column write up in the newspaper (DAILY EXPRESS, BERITA HARIAN, UTUSAN MALAYSIA and BORNEO POST )
  • 62 times invited as a guest speaker for RTM(TV2 MOVING ON TWO)and(TV1 SELAMAT PAGI MALAYSIA)
  • YEAR 2000 completing the police training as a Police Volunteer Reserve (PVR Unit, POLIS DIRAJA MALAYSIA) and granted with Excellent Service Award during Police Day.
  • YEAR 1998 being honoured as the only Three Languages Toastmasters CTM award in the world, and completing Advance Toastmasters Speaking Module (ATM). Also taking part in various regional and SEA speech contest.
  • YEAR 1994 , appointed by the Ministry of Youth and Sport as a Certified Facilitator for International Youth Award Program in Malaysia (ANUGERAH REMAJA PERDANA)
  • Year 1988 ,granted the King Scout Award from The Majesty King of Malaysia 。
  • YEAR 1984- 1987 representing schools in various speech contests, winning numerous Gold Medals in track and field event as an “All Rounder Champion”, also representing Sabah in various National Students Events and National Day Parade.。
  • YEAR1985 appointed as the School’s HEAD PREFECT) and granted the (BEST STUDENT AWARD)
  • Actively taking part in Lion Dance for the school’s building fun project
  • YEAR 1983 SRP, 1985 SPM,  1987 STPM  (TOP STUDENT AWARD)
  • Hobbies: Big Bike Convoy ,scuba diving, karate , mountaineering, jungle tracking , composing poetry, also passionate with music and songs writing.
  • Personal Blog : hilteryew.com
  • Academy Blog : baca.org.my
  • Coaching Blog : biogeniccoach.com
  • Publication website ; slppublication.com

Life Motto Of Hitter Yew

“Where there is a will, there must be a way”: 

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