Ordinary people mindset – easy way, easy money


Many people think about easy way to get what they want. They like to have a simple life with big return. They like to relax and yet they want to be a millionaire. As a result, too many people say “success is fated”. Many are trapped into the “fast rich schemes” that make them feel “upset”


When people are not “working hard” and putting “values” into his success journey, they would always become the victim of their endeavor. They will say “nothing is work for me”. Yet, they don’t understand that “their success journey is swallow and worthless” If you want to be a good students, don’t just “memorize answer” and “spot questions”. Learn diligently and master all the knowledge. If you want to be a successful businessman, don’t just try to gain benefit from other people product, you too need your own branding and products. The more value you put into your success , the stronger you become.


Many businessmen fail because they don’t know how to put in more effort in their business. They might be a good marketer, but they forget about Customer Service. They can be a good financial controller, but they are weak in “business strategy”. You will find that “success” is not just doing what you are good at. You need to balance the whole process with “detail” value which can enhance your performance.


Due to this shortcoming, many people are trapped in life. They want easy work, but high income. They are not ready to put in more values in their work. They don’t have much challenges , difficulties and problems in life. They also don’t have any advancement and recognition in life. In short, their life adventure is “monotonous” and “boring”. They keep on blaming “nothing work for them’ , yet they do not put in values to their undertaking.


Success wisdom

“Success is all about values”. Success without values would not be meaningful and long lasting. The higher the value you put in, the greater your contribution to the world. Take hotel for example, five star hotels gives more value than one start hotel; they deserve higher rate. For sure, the tenants enjoy better living in the five star hotels.



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Author: Dr.Yew

Dr.Yew is a professional speaker.