My Project : Principles and Practice of Psycho Cybernetics in Biogenic Model

Psycho Cybernetics is a constructive method of life transformation which aims at removing the basic cause of personal setback through the rational use of the mental faculty that available in every one of us. It is not only a system on success and achievement, but also a way of life, in tune with the internal habitual forces on personal achievement, which further resolve the myth of fate and life destiny. It is indeed a complete revolution in the art and science of living.


Although the term ‘lifeology’ is of relatively recent origin, the philosophical basis and several of the methods of life management are ancient. Lifeology studies the life force of all people successful or unsuccessful in there lives to learn about the personal life of humankind. It was practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.


Aristotle, the father of life orientation and forces ( 384-322 B.C.) strongly advocated it by saying We are what we repeated do, excellence is not just an act, but a habit.


Secret,  a well-known publication on personal success reveal the ultimate truth of the same principle that govern our life either we believe it or not.


Dr Maxwell Maltz, a profound psychologist and face lift surgeon was making his life testimonial in his book  “Psycho Cybernetics” . He reveals the goal achievement mechanism base on the same success principle and he later names it as “Success Mechanism”.


Through the in-depth study on his finding, we will understand the power of life habit that governs our life destiny. The power of life habit is not a fix deal which people call fate, but it can be further programmed through a process of conscious effort. Such process of life transformation is indeed an unique ability which is gifted from God that make us an unique being in this universe.


As we all know, every creature has been endowed with a special strength that symbolizes an identity of talent, bird can fly and fish can swim. How about human? The ultimate power of human identity is the ability to live up the principles of Psycho Cybernetics.


The question is how much we explore and live up this supreme power of life force will determine the level of success and satisfaction in this world.


Upon the true revelation of Psycho Cybernetics, we will be able to attain the highest level of human satisfaction which is named as “self actualization” by Abraham Maslow in his theory on hierarchy of needs.


The power of Biogenic Success System applies the Psycho Cybernetics principles of success and achievement. Knowing it is not enough, but living up the principles is the only way to uncover the supreme power of life force that drives us towards the exploration of our innate potential.


You are welcome to know more about Biogenic success system. For sure, it will drive you towards greater attainment. Call 016-8785338 for more information.

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Author: Dr.Yew

Dr.Yew is a professional speaker.