Journey of success

Many people ask me “Is success a journey or a destiny”. Well, there are different schools of thoughts that explain differently. Any how, success is a journey is more widely accepted internationally. We believe that a person who strives diligently towards his goals is more successful than person who attains their success easily without going through the journey. There is a saying  “A person who lost everything after the fight is a noble winner compare to a person who gain success easily without challenges.” In other words, the spirit to win the battle is more valuable than winning itself.

Sometime ago, I met with a good friend of mine who lost his house, his wife, his children and his business. During the tough time, he has to beg for cash from friends and relatives. To survive through the hardship, he chooses to work as a waiter in a nearby restaurant before he starts to work on his dream career. Many people around him start condemning on him. Some people say he is a “failure”. Yet, in his heart, he has a burning desire to rebuild his life again. After few years, he get marry again; he also start his new business and earn million of dollar. He prove his credibility to stand up again during downfall and march through the most difficult time in his life. His passion and will power carry him through the challenges with positive mindset. The success of gaining his million dollar income is the destiny of his success. Yet, the moment his walk through the odds is the true success spirit that give him the “branding” of his successful life.

In fact, you do not need to wait for the best moment to declare you are successful. May be your toughest time is your most successful moment in life. How you manage obstacles, overcome problems, go through stressful lifestyle and problems are the best evident of a success. Even though you have not experience the sweetness of the goals that you want, but you already experience the success in the form of attitude and spirit.  In other words, the journey of success is more meaningful than the destiny of success.

Of course, it does not mean that goals attainment is not important.  People who have attained his goals in life are true achievers. They make things happen, who must if the process does not reflect the true meaning of success, the destiny is just a fake success. Some people attained success through luck without paying the price for its success. If the journey is not incorporated with success principles, the final success will not be noble anymore.


Success principles

Success is a journey. The more you invest on your journey, the more you will enjoy the sweetness of success. Never brand others base on their current life challenges. You might be surprise that people who have the worst problems are the most successful person. The problems will over and he will shine his mission again.

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Author: Dr.Yew

Dr.Yew is a professional speaker.