Day dreaming vs Realistic Dream


Some people set their goal so high that they want to be a millionaire in few years time. There is no right and wrong issue here. The concern is whether it is practical for you to set such a high goal within such a limited time line if your current port folio and your plan of action does not seems to be in line with what you want. As a result, a lot of people who are highly charged after the motivational seminar are back to “despair” and “frustration”. Motivating yourself to achieve your goals with urgency is actually a good intention. But this intention must be back up with realistic plan (SMART) that drives you to be the person you want to be. .


We need to understand ourselves and set a plan that moves us one step at a time towards what we want. A sudden success will come to you because your current scenario merges with the opportunity that comes to you. As the saying goes “Opportunity come to a ready man”.  If you are not ready yet, forcing yourself to believe that miracle can happen in your life is just a “childish” plan.. I have friends who feel so bad after committing himself on a business plan with all his saving, only to realize that he has no experience and knowledge to manage the business. As a result, he lose all his money.


Anyhow, I don’t deny that the current internet exposure and Information technology can bring you lot of life breakthrough that people in past take decades to achieve. But again, you still need to ask yourself, are you in control of the whole process. If the success planning is base on external factors and out of your control, we call it “secondary plan”. Put your time and focus on your primary plan that you can take charge.  Example, you hope that your advertisement in the internet will help you to achieve your sales target, why don’t spend your time more on actual sales canvassing.


I still remember the time I speak to a good friend about success. He shows me all his great opportunity and he closes his door to other ventures. He knows he will make it big with his fabulous ideas and commitment. He spend all his saving to package himself with luxurious car and elegant office. After few years, he lost everything. He has a good spirit but he has no good planning. Well, you can say “business is always risky”, but a successful businessman know how to reduce the risk of failure and maintain his business proposition even though he is facing “problems” in his venture.


Never underestimate your competitor, your health, your family, your financial constraint. Learn to manage your success with balance attention to all the success factors. Or else, your motivation will be trapped by “unforeseen” happening that rip you out from the process. What is the meaning of success if a powerful four wheel drive is trapped in a muddy river and waits for the rescue team to overhaul the whole engine?


Success wisdom

Motivation and urgency to achieve success is not everything in the success journey. As an achiever, we must know how to manage our goals in life with SMART planning strategy.  A motivating person can end up be a “nobody” if they doesn’t know what he manage his life with right planning.

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Author: Dr.Yew

Dr.Yew is a professional speaker.