Success Quotation in BM, Inggeris, Mandarin

One who has blurred goal is liken to no goal at all. This is why many people fail to achieve their dreams. Foo Chang

Seseorang yang kabur matlamat ibarat tiada matlamat, Inilah sebabnya mengapa ramai orang gagal mencapai impiannya. Abang Yew

含糊的目标等于没有目标, 这也是为什么我们没有能力达到理想。尤富璋

True achievers

When the sky is dark and stormy

Everyone feel like going home and rest

The achiever stand up and charge on

To strike the fortune which seems hopeless


No and no is not the final statement

Achiever go on to convert to yes

Knowing that rejection is just a process

To secure the result that others say impossible


Achiever has strong will power

Holding on the flame until it become ash

Pain and suffering won’t stop the mission

With the hope to get what you really want


When achiever heart start to surrender

He recharge again with new power

To restart the mission and reborn again

As a phoenix souring in the sky


Achiever heart has weary moment

Toiling hard with stress and sadness

The power to bounce back is the secret

Bringing him another fight with glory stand


Abang Yew