Building Champion

I met with the biggest construction company boss in Sabah sometimes ago, he told me that “I am happy to see my employees excel in his career and set up their own company in the future”. In fact, through out his career life, he has groomed numerous staff with entrepreneur spirit to set up their own business. Some of them set up their own company, and some of them work with him as a business partner. According to him, “The secret of my success  is because I have a team of staff who has the entrepreneur spirit. During the tenure of their employment with me, they perform their best. This is what we want”

When the good staff leaves him and starts his business, he always congratulates them for their success.   With this attitude, he has a satisfaction of building hero in his company. As a result, more “good staff” comes to work under him. His aspiration to build more champion in his company lead to the organization success. He has a belief that “A strong company is always made up of strong individual.”  He will not stop a person from learning just for the sake of holding him forever. He believes that when the time comes, those who are really good will surely has their own destiny.

On the other hand, I also met with some bosses who think that staff success is not their responsibility. What they want is just to get the best from their staff and they never think about how to help the staff to grow as a person. Some of them think that investing in the staff is a waste of money as they staff can become so “good” and leave the company. As a result, they never have strong team members under them and the company becomes stagnant.

In fact, personal success is the basic of all organization success. The individual must have big dream, right attitude and right competency.  Nurture them with success principles and help them to have a mission in his life.  Show them that your company mission can embrace his personal mission. When company mission and personal mission click, this will create a miraculous power to drive your staff to become a superstar.


Success principles

The more success individual that you can work with, the faster you drive your organization towards the top in your industrial. Give blessing to those who can excel and wish to set up their own company. They can be your best business partner and shake the world together. Remember, the more powerful people you have, your team become even more powerful


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Author: Dr.Yew

Dr.Yew is a professional speaker.