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The calling to be successful

Have you ever feel the calling inside you ? When you have a calling within, you start to aware of your life mission. You know exactly what is important to your life. With this mission in life, your dairy and planner would become more meaningful to you. You will start to list activities that relate to your life mission as your daily commitment. You will start to avoid people who can’t coordinate with your life mission. You become choosy in term of your life style and hobby.

A man of mission is very focus in his life. He direct his energy, resources and time towards his aspired mission with no excuse. He manage his daily life with high discipline and do not easily trapped into the events which deviate his personal commitment. He also be very careful in choosing the right friendship and companionship. With such focus energy and direction, he will getting near to what he wants faster than others. People might say he is lucky , but they never see how he show his commitment towards his dream.

The calling to be successful in any endeavor would emerge in everyone life, but not everyone aware of such calling. For those who miss the calling, they would not be able to feel their “mission”  in life. They will go through life with lot of confusion. Everything they do, they don’t feel the true satisfaction. On the other hand, those who could feel the calling have a totally different mindset. They don’t see problems as a stumbling block, but they enjoy working with all these problems in order to achieve his mission in life. They also can feel the joy and satisfaction of accomplish his life mission.

When I met with some teachers who say “ I don’t enjoy teaching” “ I feel stressful” and “ I feel not being appreciated” . The underlining factor is not the environment and work challenges but their inner calling to be a teacher. When they put teaching as their life mission, all the reasoning above would not stop them from enjoying the teaching career. They will not ask for external appreciation because they will feel the appreciation from themselves.

Before we blame on the challenges, we need to ask ourselves – are we really serious about what we want to achieve in this life. If our main concern is just money, your calling will become secondary. You will discover that many other channels can also give you the income you want. When this happen,  your mission statement will start to give way to others mission which can give you the income you want.

Hold on to your mission despite of “poverty”  is the fundamental rules of “calling within”. You will start to aware that,  the poverty will change to wealthy life when your calling has matured with profound support from others around you.


Success principles

Find out your personal calling and start commits yourself 100% with no excuse despite of whatever happen to you.  With your power of commitment, it will surely transform into reality when the time comes. Remember, hold on your calling to the last breath of your life and see how the miraculous power start  to work in your life.


The success system

Personally, I have invested in lots of personal development books and seminar. Each of the books dissect the success topic from certain view point; some books talk about building confident, some books talk about peace of mind, some books talk about character building etc. There are also few books that I bought which illustrate the full spectrum of success principles; I called them “success system”.

After few years of studying success system from the well know Guru around the world, I made a pledge to myself that “ I am going to be the candle light that light up these success principles to more people” I can feel the great different of success system compare to those conventional motivational and success series. One of the benefits of learning success principles is to achieve self mastery and gaining control over your destiny in life.

I found that many people who bought ton of motivation still unable to link the success principles to their life. They can be good in certain success principles but they cannot apply them in their “success journey”. Most of the success formula they learn is base on certain values system which is not suitable to his personal endeavor.

When you have a success system in your life, you are able to maneuver A to Z of your success using the success principles and planning tools. This help you to manage your dream with confident. Your action path become clearer and you start to yield positive results in every aspect of your life.

Success system is the masterpiece of life that leads you from where you are now to where you want to go.  The more you embrace success system in your life, the more you can see result coming to your life. With a complete set of success system, you will master your life operation just like “having a operation manual” for your new electronic gadgets. It ensure that you won’t “wrongly used” the gadgets and create problems. It also helps you to master its full function and give true value of your purchase.


Success principles

The more you master your “Life Operation Manual” through a complete success system you will be able to be more productive, happier and more successful. You can reduce life problems to the minimum and gaining “breakthrough” of your innate potential.


Who is your success helper?

Sometimes ago, I ask one of my friend, “who is the person that give you the most help in your personal success” ; He start to recall many great persons that have contribute their time and effort to his our mission and help him to achieve what you want. Some of your friend may criticize your action and create lot of stress in your life; but they too help you to add values in your success.

Out of so many success helpers in your life, do you know: who is the most important person that makes all these happen? It is of course – YOU. You are the one that decide who you want to work with, when you want to do it and how you want to do it. Other people might only giving you ideas and comment, but you are the one that making it happen. Other people can only comment on your weaknesses, but you are the one that decide whether you want to accept their comment or not. Other people can only stay with you few hours a day, but you are the one that accompany yourself 24 hours a day. In other words, you are the most important person in life that decides your success.

Sadly to say,  many people invest money on their car, their house, their friends etc, but they forget to invest in themselves and develop their own “power mind”. Averagely, many people spend only a fraction of cost on their mind than their body. All of us like to have good food, beautiful clothes and shoes; but how many of us aspire to have beautiful heart, positive mindset and good habit?  We tend to neglect our own head investment and focus so much on body investment. Even though our head is only 10% of our body weight, but it gives 100% impact to our daily life. Our mind determines our action, our planning, our desire and our needs.

There is a story of goose and the golden egg. The farmer is so concern of enjoying life and use all the golden egg to buy house, car and lifestyle. He forgets to look after the goose. He does not give good food to the goose. After few months, the goose gets sick and passes away. The moral of this story is that you need to invest in yourself and help to maintain the productivity and success.


Success principles

Never forget to invest in your mind and attitude, because your mind is the major mover of your personal success; not your beautiful clothing, luxurious car or houses.